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ABOUT BOOK: Imagine being told by God to guard His Son in a violent world until he is grown.
How does Joseph choose a city in strange Egypt to hide 2-year-old Jesus from Herod’s spies? Does he dare take 4-year-old Jesus to the temple where now-dead Herod’s son slaughters thousands?

How can Joseph protect Jesus with all the skirmishes and killing on roads everywhere with dozens vying to take over as king?

How does Joseph handle the persecution in Nazareth by people who could count and knew Mary was pregnant before marrying Joseph?

What does Joseph do with Jesus in Nazareth, just three miles from Sepphoris, hotbed of zealot protesters, when a Roman legate burns the city and crucifies 2000 more zealots in Jerusalem?

In what way, does Joseph teach Jesus how to be a skilled carpenter in sometimes dangerous situations, and avoid being mauled in the mountains when they cut trees for lumber?

How many times, when Jesus was in danger did Joseph cry out, “God, help me protect our Son!”?

(NOTE: A year before Jesus’ death, he was rejected in Nazareth where they said, “Isn’t this the son of the carpenter?” In present tense. He was alive way past the time Jesus was twelve years old.)
ABOUT AUTHOR: Katheryn researches an average of 500 hours to prepare for writing her biblical historical novels.  She is author  of thirty books, both non-fiction and fiction, for both adults and children.  She is a member of the Christian Writers of the West and American Christian Fiction Writers.

My Review:
This is an amazing story. How the author researched and wrote it is beyond me. Such an important time in Catholic history. The author did a fantastic job of treating Jesus and Joseph like father and son, even though we know that they are so much more than that. To think about the private moments between these two blessed people is really unimaginable. However the author wrote a story that could have happened and I hope that some of it did. What a beautiful relationship. I also liked that the author included a lot of what we know from the Bible to make the story more realistic. Mary also plays an important role and was not forgotten by the author. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy through The Book Club Network Inc. All opinions are my own. 

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