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Tempted by Love A Montana Heat Novel by Jennifer Ryan Review

She was this Montana Man’s greatest temptation . . .

Alina Cooke—little sister of his two best friends—is the last woman DEA agent Jay Bennett should be waking up next to on the day of her brother’s wedding. But their powerful attraction ignited a powder keg of desire, and their once simple friendship has just become impossibly complicated.

Alina’s always been steady, focused, and lived on the safe side of life. Jay is totally devoted to his dangerous job. She knows a future with him will be filled with worry that one day he won’t come home. She’s done it with her brothers. She’s not sure she can face that uncertainty with the man she loves. Yet being in his arms is a bad idea they keep repeating, again and again.

When Alina is run off the road, Jay fears his job has made her a target. But the threat in Alina’s life is closer than they think. As the enemy gets more ruthless, Alina proves she’s no easy target and Jay will do anything to bring them down. Because surviving and being together is the only thing that matters.

My Review:
Jay was in trouble. He took his friendship to the next level and was not willing to settle down and give up his dangerous job for Alina. The title is a good fit, because fate keeps tempting them and getting them together. However it is a good think that Jay was around for her when she got into trouble. I did think that there was a lot of repetition of  the other books in the series, at times I felt as though I was rereading what I had already read. However My mother in law read the book after me and she enjoyed the background, having not read the previous books. Especially how they are all tied together at the end. These two were my favorite couple by far, and I loved how family oriented they were. The live stream was my favorite! I am giving this book a 4/5. All opinions are my own.

True to You (Montana Heat #2) by Jennifer Ryan Review

The third book in breakout star Jennifer Ryan’s scorching Montana Heat series is a story of forbidden love between an undercover DEA agent and the do-gooder daughter of the drug cartel leader he’s determined to take down

A Montana Man risks everything for the woman he loves…

Undercover DEA Special Agent Dawson King spent five months in a Montana prison establishing a fake identity to take down a ruthless drug dealer and put him behind bars. Except there’s a wild card...the killer’s beloved daughter. Cara Potter may appear to be on the right side of the law, but King has learned the hard way to trust no one—even someone as tantalizing as the coffee shop owner. She’s irresistible...but is she also dangerous?

From the moment he enters her life, King makes Cara...nervous. The handsome drifter says he wants to get his life together...but there is something about him that doesn’t quite ring true. Cara wants to believe in him, yet she holds back despite the way he awakens dormant dreams and leaves her breathless with his sexy smile, steamy kisses, his every touch.

When the explosive truth comes out and she’s betrayed by the ones she loves, Cara must decide—can she trust her heart, or should she listen to her head?

My Review:

Cara is a loner, her family is non-existent, except for her uncle (who had a whole set of his own issues), and her parents were not the best role models. Her heart is Hard as stone, but she is willing to help felons. Little did she know that she was letting King into her life, and he was going to flip it upside down. Not only was he after her father, but he was also going to make a dent in her heart. This is not love at first sight. They slowly fall in love, and neither really know that much about each other. What will Cara do when she finds out the truth about King? How he was after her father and had been lying to her? What will King do to melt her heart? Will he be able to? Will their love be able to survive their situations in life? What becomes of her job? Her father? I really liked the ending, and what a unique shooting range! I am giving this book a 5/5. All opinions are my own.

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The Gilded King by Josie Jaffrey Review

In the last city on Earth,

death is just a step into the trees.

In the Blue, the world's last city, all is not well.

Julia is stuck within its walls. She serves the nobility from a distance until she meets Lucas, a boy who believes in fairytales that Julia’s world can’t accommodate. The Blue is her prison, not her castle, and she’d escape into the trees if she didn’t know that contamination and death awaited humanity outside.

But not everyone in the Blue is human, and not everyone can be contained.

Beyond the city’s boundaries, in the wild forests of the Red, Cameron has precious little humanity left to lose. As he searches for a lost queen, he finds an enemy rising that he thought long dead. An enemy that the humans have forgotten how to fight.

One way or another, the walls of the Blue are going to come down. The only question is what side you’ll be on when they do.

About Josie
I have always written stories, but it wasn't until I started the first book in the Solis Invicti series in 2014 that I really became obsessed with writing. I love to read, particularly where the escapism of the story is enhanced with an element of fantasy or science fiction. For me, writing is simply an extension of that journey, but I get to decide what happens next (though it's amazing how often the characters seem to decide for themselves what I'm going to write!).

These days, bookishness has expanded to fill my life. I write novels and short stories (mostly Young Adult and Paranormal Romance), I blog and vlog about writing and the publication process, and I run a book review website called The Gin Book Club, which posts monthly video reviews (you can find the link in the menu above).

My Review:
This is book 1 in a series set in the last city on Earth. We have two points of view, Cam and Julia who is a slave. Cam is definitely not a slave, but plays an integral role in the plot. They were both great characters and I can not wait to read more about them in book 2. I did have an issue with this being being a part of the author's other series, and I felt as though I was missing the past. However this makes me want to read her other books. The ending left me wanting for the next book. I am not sure where these characters are headed, and I will definitely keep an eye out for other books by this author. There was swearing in the book. I also liked how the author used blood to make a statement against the silvers, it added an element of horror to the book. I am giving this book a 3/5. All opinions are my own. 

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The Marine's Return By Rula Sinara Giveaway

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Release Blitz for
The Marine's Return
By Rula Sinara

The Marine's Return
(From Kenya, with Love #6)
By Rula Sinara
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
January 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming

He can’t be her hero…

But he made a promise to keep her safe

Wounded marine Chad Corallis just wants to be left alone. Until he discovers his best friend’s very pregnant widow is in danger. A dedicated nurse, she refuses to leave her Serengeti medical clinic when it’s threatened by poachers. Chad is honor-bound to protect her, but who will save him from falling for his best friend’s wife?

Special Note from the Author

Dearest Readers,

Thank you for joining me in celebrating the release of THE MARINE’S RETURN, the sixth and final book in my ‘From Kenya, With Love’ series for Harlequin Heartwarming. No words can express how much I have loved writing this series, from watching the children in the first three books grow up to face their own romantic hurdles in books 4 through 6, to endearing orphaned baby elephants and other captivating wildlife, to the famous, breathtaking setting of Kenya’s Serengeti ecosystem and Masai Mara regions.

The stories in this series take on issues such as ivory poachers, loss of loved ones, selective mutism, fracking and other environmental issues, human rights and those of a country’s indigenous people, man vs nature conflicts, education for young girls/women who have little access, medical care in rural populations and the life-changing challenges our war veterans face, from PTSD to physical injuries.

The books do stand alone, although readers who have been following the series have said that, since it has a rich family saga/miniseries feel and characters from the first books play significant roles in the later stories, reading them all makes for a deeper experience. For example, Pippa Harper, who everyone meets as a spunky, adorable four-year old being raised at a remote, rustic elephant rescue camp in the Serengeti by her single-mom wildlife vet in book 1 (THE PROMISE OF RAIN), is a young adult in book 4 (EVERY SERENGETI SUNRISE), gets her own romance in book 5 (THE TWIN TEST) and even plays a role as the series comes to a close in book 6 (THE MARINE’S RETURN). We also see Haki, a childhood friend of Pippa’s in book 1, and Maddie, a ten-year-old who can’t speak in books 2 (AFTER THE SILENCE), get their hero/heroine stories in EVERY SERENGETI SUNRISE. Mac Walker, a rugged bush-pilot with an Indiana Jones air to him is seen throughout the series and gets his own adventure in THROUGH THE STORM. And we first meet the hero of THE MARINE’S RETURN, Chad Corallis, as a rambunctious, hyperactive and very cute toddler who is clearly destined to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a marine (book 2). He does just that, but his future ends up coming to a dark stop and he’s faced with a challenge he’s convinced he can’t overcome.

But, despite the seemingly impossible romantic obstacles, heart-gripping situations and, even, danger in the books, there’s always the promise of a happily ever after in a Harlequin Heartwarming romance. I hope you enjoy the series and this final story! Be sure to also check out my novella (which is linked to this series), THE SWEETHEART TREE, in the anthology A Heartwarming Thanksgiving.

Although my ‘From Kenya, With Love’ series is coming to a close, I’m embarking on a new series for Harlequin Heartwarming that will take you from rescuing elephants in Africa to saving sea turtles along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My ‘Turtleback Beach’ series is set in a fictional beach town along the more southern Hatteras Island of the Outer Banks and the first book, ALMOST A BRIDE, which involves a runaway bride and an ex-military hero in the witness protection program, releases June 1, 2019.

Many thanks to all of my readers. I wish everyone a peaceful and happy New Year!

Rula Sinara

Other Books in the Series

About the Author

National and USA Today Bestselling author Rula Sinara lives in rural Virginia with her family and crazy but endearing pets. She loves organic gardening, attracting wildlife to her yard, planting trees, raising backyard chickens and drinking more coffee than she'll ever admit to. Rula's writing has earned her a National Readers Choice Award and HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, among other honors. You can discover more about Rula at her blog A Writer’s Rush, on Twitter, on Facebook as RulaSinaraAuthor or on her website, where you can also sign up for her newsletter.

Blitz Giveaway

- Autographed print copies of the first three books of the ‘From Kenya, With Love’ series – The Promise of Rain (Mills & Boon Duo copy, including The Weather Girl by Amy Vastine), After the Silence and Through the Storm.
- A 15x15 canvas tote bag featuring the cover of Through the Storm.
- A 12x18 Harlequin Heartwarming tote bag
- Bookmarks

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