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Waiting For You by Melissa Kate Giveaway & Interview

Waiting For You
Melissa Kate

Contemporary Romance

Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC

May 24, 2016

Book Description:

Audrey Kelly finds her way back home to Crystal Valley with her bruised pride and a shattered dangerous past mocking her rear view mirror. What she didn’t expect was to be face-to-face with Adam Parker, resident bad boy, sexy Navy SEAL and one of the reasons that Audrey ran all those years ago.

Audrey was the last person Adam had ever expected to see back in Crystal Valley. Over a decade ago, they shared a sizzling night together before he received the worst news of his life and he hasn’t seen her since…until she’d moved back unexpectedly. She was no longer the sweet innocent girl he once remembered, but Adam has his own problems without having to deal with Audrey’s ice princess recital, no matter how tempting the auburn haired seductress may be.

Sparks begin to ignite between them but can they accept Audrey’s past when it threatens to engage them in a dangerous twist? Can they save each other from themselves and stop running once and for all?

About the Author:

Melissa Kate is a new author who lives in a small town along the coast in sunny South Africa. She writes for the pleasure of living in a new story and all the quirks and crazies that go with each character. A true romantic at heart, she loves the moment of falling in love. Her pet Beagle and maniacal lovebird keep her company while writing and often inspire senseless moments in her stories.

When she’s not furiously typing away on her laptop, Melissa can be found cooking or baking up a storm. Even she has to admit, she’s a pretty awesome chef. She has a small addiction with shoes which she attributes to her petite stature or as she likes to call it “Short girl problems”.

She balances her day job and conjuring up new romantic tales with a local personal blog with arb ramblings about her life in Durban. She’s been writing for years now, any bits that she can and she can't wait to share that with you!

Where are you from?
I am from a sunny beach town called Durban in South Africa
Tell us your latest news?
My debut novel, Waiting for You has finally been released on 24 May 2016. After years of trying to get published, this dream is finally a reality.
When and why did you begin writing?
I started way back when. I used to write funny little plays for school and drama classes. And then later on longer length stories, always just wanting to get the story out on the page. I love a good romance novel. From the push and pull between the protagonists to them fighting the odds, the first kiss and the big blow out till the very happy ever after.
When did you first consider yourself a writer?
Probably right this minute when my I see my name in print.
What inspired you to write your first book?
I just had an idea in mind and started to get the story on paper. There was no big moment where the story needed to be told. It just came together because my brain needed the outlet to let the stories out.
Do you have a specific writing style?
I don’t think so. I do like to write in sequence and definitely to plot out the basic outline of my story. My characters do have their own voice but ultimately I am the director of my stories.
How did you come up with the title?
I wanted it to reflect something from the story and with the main characters having been apart for so many years, I thought it pertinent that Waiting for You was the title as they were brought back to find each other.
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
My message is always to be a strong, independent woman and to rise up above your circumstances. And as a man, you can be a caveman, rough and rugged, but always love, respect and protect your woman.
How much of the book is realistic?
None – this is all a work of fiction
Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
Not at all
What books have most influenced your life most?
I grew up reading Sweet Valley High and since then I feel in love with books. My writing journey I could say was influenced by Rachel Gibson who was my very first favourite romance writer. She writes with humour and heat and everything in between.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Lauren Layne – she writes with so much of passion and heat, sprinkled with A LOT of witty banter. Her books are a joy to read and re-read.
What book are you reading now?
I am not reading anything right now because I am focused on get a new book out.
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
Not at the moment.
What are your current projects?
I am busy doing edits on my next book so watch this space. Also tapping away furiously trying to get Book 3 done and dusted.
What would you like my readers to know?

I am a simple girl who simply loves to read – A LOT. I can only hope that my stories translate into books that make you want to read over again – falling in love each time.


5 ebook copies

2 print copies(US only)

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