Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The way you like him

Impress Him by Cooking

One way that you can impress the man that you love is by cooking. Sure it is wonderful to be taken out to restaurants but that is not the most intimate and romantic thing that you can do. Being alone just the two of you with lighted candles and a meal made for two is the thing that impresses a man the most. So do something extra special and prepare his favorite meal like shrimp scampi linguine. No meal can say I love you except a meal that you made yourself from scratch. Take the time to buy what you need, remember the wine, the candles, and some fresh flowers for the table. Have everything ready and let him sit back and enjoy the meal.

Let Him Know Your Feelings

Sometimes it is difficult for men to discuss their feelings. They are not as used to being completely open and emotional or saying things from the heart as women are. Find the right time to talk and don’t do it when he seems stressed or moody. A man in a good mood and completely relaxed is ready to listen to you. Keep in mind how long you have been seeing each other and when you talk to him about how you feel don’t make him feel like you are pressuring him into doing something or feeling something he is not ready to do or feel. Perhaps start off by offering him some food like a shrimp burger and after he has enjoyed his food start telling him what is on your mind. Just tell him openly and honestly how you feel but don’t expect him to feel exactly the same way. Give him time to think about what you have said and then let him tell you what he thinks. If he is less enthusiastic about your relationship at the moment than you are, give him time and space. If you continue to be loving and good toward him in time he will loosen up and perhaps begin to reciprocate more special feelings toward you as well.

Give Him a Gift

Gift giving is always an uncomfortable thing for a man. Usually they think you expect a gift from them and do not expect a gift from you. It also depends on how long the two of you have been seeing each other. If it has been 6 months or more you are safe to get him something and he won’t think it is too strange. Perhaps you might consider showing him that you understand that there are times he would like to go out with his friends instead of spending another evening with you. That is perfectly alright and you might consider giving him two tickets for a sports event he has been wanting to see so he can go to enjoy it with his best buddy. You can bet he will appreciate this gesture from you. If it is his birthday and you are not sure what to get him, remember that men want to be acknowledged but do not care too much if you give them a special gift or not. So on his birthday bake him a special cake like an eclair cake. He will appreciate it more than if you give him cologne or a watch that he might not even want. Keep the gift giving to a minimum and you will score more points with your man than by showering him with gifts that he won’t really appreciate.

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