Friday, June 28, 2019

April Snow, by Lynn Steward Review

Dana McGarry, separated from her cheating husband, is laser-focused on her new job as a buyer at a leading New York City department store of the 1970s, B. Altman. But in order to achieve success, she must free herself from more than a bad marriage. She is smothered by overly-protective family and friends and becomes discouraged when the Old Guard at the store rejects her brainchild: The English Shop, a boutique that will set B. Altman apart from mainstream retailing.  No stranger to innovation and risk, Dana is determined to stand her ground. She finds both mentor and love interest in the dynamic Mark Tepper, a businessman from the Upper West Side who suggests a bold fashion move to make The English Shop a reality.  Her exciting new world is shattered in a New York minute, however, when a life is threatened, a heart is broken, and a secret is revealed.

Steward captures the nuances of 70s life in New York City and provides the perfect backdrop for Dana McGarry’s journey as an independent woman determined to make her mark.  April Snow is a story that transcends any period. 
My Review:
This is a great sequel to the first book, and I fell right back in place. I felt as though Dana was every woman scorned, abused and her ideas were stolen, There was so much that she had to deal with. Not to mention her family. She finally gets a second chance, but will it be enough for her? At times I felt like nothing else could go wrong, however Dana did not give up. When is enough enough? I am giving this book a 3/3. Definitely shows a woman's determination, against the world. All opinions are my own. 

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