Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lil' Lilly's 'Bow'thday Present Review

Starlette Universe Series Has New Release— Lil' Lilly's 'Bow'thday Present
Celebrate baby-power and Lil' Lilly's birthday in her third book in the series
Terra Alta—Headline Books releases a new addition to their Headline Kids Educational Series, Lil' Lilly's 'Bow'thday Present by award winning author, Kathy Johnson. Known as a 'master punster' Johnson brings vocabulary to early grades in a most unique and entertaining way.
Lil' Lilly's 'Bow'thday Present is a 40-page, colorfully illustrated children's book showcasing 150 puns, all while following Lilly on her adventures through babyhood, this time chronicling her story ('stork'y) book birth and the special bonus ('bow'nus) she receives from Cupid on her way to being born. ('bow'rn).
"My birth was not by accident. Like all babies, I was heaven-sent . . .
Cupid tells Lilly her birth will be very special ('spell'ial). She will be born a 'love vessel'. Cupid then gives Lil' Lilly magical love-bows - which come to characterize Lil' Lilly's in'fancy' – and clothes. Lilly quickly learns life is not easy: "Lilly's life on earth was lovely – you better believe - until one EVE."
Evil Eva, obsessed with Lilly and her bows, morphs into a horse and turns into Lilly's worst night'mare'. Eva's sidekicks, Bitey Spidey and Fat Bat, add to the terror by doing both Eva's bidding - and biting. When Lilly finally gets courage to be bold ('bow'ed), she tells Eva, "You're here to make the world badder - but I'm here to make it better!" The story ends in victory for Lilly – but with victory comes chivalry, as Blossom the Cow explains, "Chivalry means no victory smirk and that takes 'heart' work."
This new release from Headline Books, Inc. continues the Starlette Universe global themes of good vs. evil, while building character and instilling values. This book teaches that love is the key – to being happy – and defeating evil. In addition, there are at least twenty-five rules to live by, many of which are 'tweeted' by the birds. Headline President Cathy Teets, says of Lil' Lilly's 'Bow'thday Present, "Kathy Johnson brings ethics, excitement and entertainment to children and the young at heart everywhere, and several of her Starlette Universe books are Reader's Favorites and Mom's Choice Award winners. Illustrator Dick Kulpa, makes this book fun and captivating for all ages."
About the book:
Lil' Lilly's 'Bow'thday Present by Kathy Johnson
ISBN: 9781882658510
Publisher: Headline Books
Date of publish: December 2015
Pages: 40
S.R.P.: $12.95
About the author:
Kathy Johnson is the creator of Starlette Universe, a virtual girl-world that promotes character education. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate and lawyer, she has authored five Starlette Universe books, several of which are Mom's Choice Award and Readers' Favorites winners. She is the mother of Miss Vermont 1999 and Miss Vermont USA 2001, and the Starlettes appeared in a column for seven years in Pageantry Magazine. Known for her puns, in Lil Lilly's 'Bow'thday Present, there are 150 puns within 40 pages.
This is a fun book that is full of puns and it teaches little readers how to read words are made up of smaller words and sounds. he best part is that it is done in a fun and colorful way. There are presents and flowers and animals, all the things that young girls love. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy, all opinions are my own. 

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