Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Blue Moose by Ardian Gill Review

How did a moose from the North Woods end up in New York’s Central Park? And why is he BLUE?
Local Color Press Announces the Release of New Children’s Picture Book:
The Blue Moose by Ardian Gill
Announcing the release of new juvenile fiction that will appeal to children and adults of all ages. The Blue Moose—written by Ardian Gill and published by Local Color Press—tells the hilarious tale of a moose’s journey to accidental heroism.
Way up in the North Woods, twin moose babies Alfonse and Abercrombie are born. When they grow antlers, they strike out on their own, but Abercrombie is soon captured by two men who take him to the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Alfonse escapes but falls through the ice of a frozen lake and turns blue.
With the aid of a little yellow bird and advice from an owl, Alfonse sets off on a journey to rescue his brother, guided only by the North Star at his back. His quest involves crisis after crisis in which Alfonse proves his valor—as when he rescues a little girl from a burning school with his antlers. For this and other heroic deeds, the blue moose is awarded medals and keys to the city that dangle from his enormous antlers.
Alfonse is finally reunited with his brother at the zoo. But now Abercrombie prefers peanuts and popcorn to the acorns of the North Woods—and refuses to go back! Alfonse wants to be near his brother and he wants to find his beloved yellow bird. But does he want to live in a zoo?
About the Author: Ardian Gill is a writer and photographer, author of the acclaimed historical novel The River Is Mine, a first-person narrative of the earliest exploration of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. He lives in New York, where he maintains a Chelsea studio dedicated to traditional photographic processes. The Blue Moose is his debut children’s book.
My Review:
This was a sweet story about siblings. I loved that the mom was sad about having an empty nest, and then the blue moose has birds hatched on his head, which soon becomes an empty nest. There is a lot in this story about family and nature, but mostly missing your best friend and trying to find him. The town needed help and the blue moose was there to help them! I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy, all opinions are my own.

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