Tuesday, October 24, 2017

MARY MARY QUITE On Raising Children (And Other Mind-Altering Substances) by Mary Huckstep Review

MARY MARY QUITE On Raising Children (And Other Mind-Altering Substances) by Mary Huckstep
Step right in to this beautifully illustrated book with short stories about marriage, household pests, children, holidays, teenage driving, bedtime antics and many other matters of domesticity. Each story has a subtle message and is peppered with wit and plenty of laughter.
Mary and her hubby, old Hunk raised five kids, assorted grandkids, three dogs, two cats, various reptiles, rodents galore, a boatload of fish, and a Mexican tarantula named Mad Max. It was crazy. But their drug of choice has always been laughter. Enjoy the stories taken from their experiences.
Sneak Peek: "Why oh why can't mamas live their kids' lives for them? It would solve so many problems before they even started. And it would save so many kids from making mistakes. Big, hairy, dumb-dumb mistakes. Dear God, life would be so simple if only we had a Mama On Board, magical, instantaneous, high-powered panic App - otherwise known as the MOB App. Think about it . . ."
About the book:
MARY MARY QUITE On Raising Children (And Other Mind-Altering Substances) by Mary Huckstep
ISBN: 978-0990707110
Publisher: Busy Bee Publishing
Date of publish: October 2014
Pages: 124
S.R.P.: $21.60
About the author:
A former AP English teacher and freelance writer, Mary Huckstep earned her MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA in 2004, then worked in development for a small production company with projects at Sony, Disney, Lifetime, and Hallmark Hall of Fame. While waiting to sell one of her own scripts, Mary decided to publish humorous anecdotes about family life – aka “domestic humor.” Thus, the MARY, MARY QUITE series was born. “On Raising Children (And Other Mind-Altering Substances)” is the first, in a series of three books. Visit her website at www.marymaryquite.com
My Review
This is a great book to read when I want to escape from adulting! I always liked Erma Brombeck, and this author has that sort of feel to this book. This is a fun read! I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy, all opinions are my own. 

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