Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fairfield’s Auction By Betty Jean Craige Review

Fairfield’s Auction
By Betty Jean Craige

ISBN-10: 1626944091
ISBN-13: 978-1626944091
Black Opal Books
Witherston Murder Mysteries (Book 2)
Genre: mystery
Paperback: 284 pages
February 6, 2016, $12.95
Language: English

On a cold winter evening in the small mountain town of Witherston, Georgia, antique dealer Hempton Fairfield auctions off rare Cherokee artifacts, Appalachian antiques, and a young African Grey parrot. Late that night, a blizzard stops traffic for a three-mile stretch of the Witherston Highway, prohibiting anyone’s arrival or departure and stranding an eighteen-wheel semi full of chickens. The next morning two bodies are discovered in the snow, the chickens are running free, and the parrot is missing, leaving a number of unanswered questions. What happened? Where’s the parrot? How did the chickens escape the stranded truck? Who rightfully owns the remnants of the thousand-year-old Cherokee civilization? Who killed the two men? And, most importantly, how many more bodies will turn up before the killer is caught?

My Review:
This is one of those mysteries that made me question history. How many times have people been been killed and robbed, then their stuff sold for profit? Doesn't it help the killer get caught?  What happens when it is an entire type of people or town? The suspect pool is large, and there is no way to know who is guilty as people go missing and bodies pile up. I liked all the pets and it gave me insight to some of the characters. There were a lot of names to remember. Maybe a family tree or cast of characters would be helpful for the next installment. I really enjoyed the way the author used the Witherston Paper to get some of the plot to the reader. It made it seemed realistic and it was faster to read. I am giving this book a 3/5. I was given a copy, all opinions are my own.

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