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By the Fates, Fulfilled by Patricia D. Eddy Book Sale, Excerpt, FREE Book & GIVEAWAY

Title: By the Fates, Fulfilled
Series: By the Fates #4
Author: Patricia D. Eddy
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Suspense
 Release Date: October 31, 2017


I spend my days hiding. Spelled behind a mask. Waiting. Hoping.
While in the dungeon, Raven suffers alone. Chained and tortured, waiting for Ealasaid to rescue him. To fulfill her destiny and save the world.
Then a man I thought long dead breaks through my defenses.
He knows who I am. He's seen my true face. Will he expose my secret?
Or is he the one who will finally set me free?

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Chapter One

The lone figure shuddered under the thick wool blanket, and I released my breath. Alive. At least for tonight. The knot I’d carried in my chest for the past few hours loosened as I approached his cell. Not entirely, of course. The tether that bound me to the witch forced me to sense her constant fear. Only when she slept did I find any relief—and of late, she’d slept little. Perhaps once I cast the spell back in my chamber, I’d earn a few hours of peace.
Peace? You’re trapped as much as this man is. I cursed under my breath. The long days suffocating under the weight of my secret were taking their toll. I longed to breathe free air, but until we found a way to escape Eideard’s spells, I had to maintain my disguise lest the emaciated and broken man in the cell before me gained a companion. The dungeon walls pressed in on me. Most of the room was underground, keeping the temperature near freezing. Only the top few feet of the room peeked above the ground, a tiny window high on the wall providing a torturous glimpse of freedom so far from our reach.
Tufts of matted black hair stuck up from the prisoner’s cocoon. A thick chain rattled as he shivered. Why Eideard insisted on the manacle—running from the man’s ankle to a hasp low on the wall—I could not fathom. The binding spell, the starvation, and the beatings ensured he’d never escape. Not without some sort of miracle.
“Delphine? You’re relieved.”
The deep voice startled me. I nearly dropped the cup of water and the bowl of porridge I carried on a well-worn tray. The scents of cedar and fresh rain announced his presence behind me and I squeezed my eyes shut for a brief moment, not wanting to see him as he was now. After a breath, I found my voice.

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Patricia D. Eddy lives in many worlds. Witches, vampires, and shifters inhabit one of them, military men and women fill another, with sexy Doms and strong subs carving out the final slice of her literary universe. She admits to eleven novels (though there are at least five unfinished drafts on her desk right now), all while working a full-time job, running half-marathons, and catering to the every whim of her three cats. Despite this whirlwind, she still finds time to binge watch Doctor Who all of the Netflix Marvel shows, and most recently, The Handmaid's Tale. Oh, and she hopes to one day be able to say that she plays the guitar. Right now, she mostly tortures the strings until they make noise.




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