Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Behind The Blogger ~ The Lucky One #BehindTheBlogger

The Lucky One ~ I am not usually that lucky. However as I type this I am sitting in a hotel room at Foxwoods Casino. How lucky am I that I can go for day trips with my loved ones and have a good time. I also have to admit that I do have a few lucky charms, I used to work at a gift shop that sold figurines and all sorts of things. Including Beanie Babies! I had finally gotten my license on the fourth try and was just starting to drive, A Boyd's Bear figurine was released of a guardian angel holding a car! I had to have her!

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Since 2000 she has been attached by Velcro to my dashboard. She has also switched cars, She is my lucky driving angel. Her name is Carrie-B-Safe!
I can't drive without her, It was meant to be that she was released just after I got my license! Seventeen years later she is still in my car! What are your lucky charms?
Even though I am not really a lucky person, I try to bring myself as much good luck as possible. If I had to guess what my luckiest day was, it would be the day I won $1000 on a lottery ticket!
I also have a great family that I love very much! So I guess I am the lucky one!

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