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The Wasted Series by C. ELIZABETH VESCIO Teaser, Interview & Giveaway


On the eve of her high school graduation, proper socialite Francesca “Frankie” Fairholm rebelled against her elitist and controlling family to pursue the dark lifestyle of a contract killer for the enigmatic Osiris Corporation. Years later, with her training complete, she believes she's doomed to the life of a sociopathic lone gun until a botched hit brings two unlikely allies, her cousins Addison and Katharine.

Using Katharine’s etiquette school, Elegance, Inc., as a front, the trio weave through Frankie’s dark underworld, carrying out contracts, drinking too much wine, and trying not to get each other killed.

Trouble follows the team home when the death of the cruel Fairholm matriarch reveals more than they ever wanted to know about their family. As the funeral preparations play out, the trio begin to realize there is much more to their employer than meets the eye and their family connections run deeper than they ever imagined.

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“I needed to learn to be less melodramatic, but it was hard in this family.”

It’s been a year since Francesca Fairholm met the rest of the Osiris team and the company heads, her two half brothers Nero and Lex. As they groom her for leadership, it’s all Frankie can do to keep her cynical sarcasm in check as she starts training two new Strikers, avoids the romantic advances of Spark Dawson, and does her best to pry a little family history from her cold, distant Aunt Alexa.

With the pressure of her secret dual life building and her mother acting strangely, Frankie’s sanity is pushed to the brink when she makes a grisly discovery that shakes the young Striker to her core. Despite her cousins’ fear that her panic attacks signal a full mental breakdown, Frankie is positive she’s not crazy. Finding clarity in her personal investigation into Osiris’s origins, she uncovers more about the company than she would rather know.

As her life starts to unravel, things get deadly and, before she knows it, she’s facing down an old target’s pissed-off widow, an unstoppable mercenary, and the one thing she’s most terrified of admitting to herself.
It’s possible the whole situation won’t explode in her face. Yeah, like Frankie has that kind of luck.

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WASTELAND (Wasted #2.5)

Before Frankie Fairholm let you into her crazy, dysfunctional world of murder for hire, the lives of these men and women were already in danger. Their training was put to the test alongside their morals.

A troubled Catholic school girl with a penchant for murder, a naive con-woman in over her head, a driven socialite with a bad day that keeps getting worse, an assassin second-guessing his sworn oath... being a contract killer doesn’t mean you aren’t human, it just means your humanity is hard to find, and probably a bit tarnished.


When Osiris headquarters fell, Frankie ran away with Spark Dawson, hoping the open ocean would wash the chaos of her life away. The Nameless, and her own primal urges, soon intrude and before Frankie knows it, she and Spark are traveling to Hong Kong to face what’s left of the company.

There she finds her entire family under the protection of the Sha Lù. Kat and Addi are pissed, Nero has given up, Judah won’t let anyone leave, and her mother and aunts are getting along for once in their lives. Things are weird.

Because Frankie’s life is never complicated enough, Spark becomes dead set on uncovering the deadly secrets Judah hid from him–and gets more than anyone bargained for in the answers he discovers.

Tensions are high and morality is low as Frankie starts unraveling the threads that bind them all together. As old ghosts haunt her thoughts and new enemies dance just outside her reach, she has choices to make that determine the future of everyone she knows. Now all she has to do is convince everyone she knows what she’s doing.

After all, if Osiris doesn’t fight the Nameless, they’ll all have to hide behind the Sha Lù for the rest of their lives...and the wine supply is running out.


1.    When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve always been in love with books… my mother instilled that in my psyche once I could read. However, I didn’t sit down and contemplate being a writer until I was in college. I took a mythology class that was taught by this amazing teacher- Ron Crabtree- and he oddly enough he wasn’t a writer… but he gave me ideas- wonderful ideas that I had to put down on paper. That year, I wrote a science fiction novel and it was pretty bad! I had so much fun, though, so I knew I had to perfect my craft from there.
2.    How long does it take you to write a book?
This depends on a lot of things, but I’ve been told I’m a cyborg with how fast I can write. If the idea needs a lot of detailing, research, etc. then there is a lot more time involved. If it’s an idea that’s really in my head, I can knock out a first draft in a month.
3.    What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
This also depends because I own a tabletop gaming store with my husband, and am a freelance photographer. I have to set aside time for my “other” job, but when things are running smoothly I can dedicate a solid 5 to 7 hours a day writing. I take 15 to 20 minute breaks during my day, and if I’m on a roll, I don’t stop.
4.    What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I do a lot of my writing on a couch. I have a big couch in my den, and my husband will sit and play video games while I write. It’s comforting to write this way since he can’t help me write, but wants to be around.
5.    How do books get published?
My books are indie published, which means I have a small press edit, format, and distribute the books to Amazon and Create Space. They provide the ISBN, and they would also provide cover design, if I needed it. Small presses aren’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to put time into your own marketing then it’s a better option than self-publishing.
6.    What do you like to do when you're not writing?
I’m a photographer, so I spend a lot of my time on photo projects. When I’m not doing that I cosplay at comic conventions as Lady Loki (Marvel Villain). I also am an avid Xbox gamer.
7.    What does your family think of your writing?
They love it- at least that’s what they tell me. My first series is loosely based on my family dynamic, so they get a real kick out of seeing their own traits in the characters.
8.    What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
Finishing an entire series was pretty surprising. I knew I wanted to do it, but I had no idea it would go the way it did. I had no idea I had it in me to create the world, characters and story when I first came up with the idea. It’s always a pleasant surprise to actually finish something.
9.    How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
I’ve written six books- four of which are published. Two are in the can, and will hopefully be published in the next year. My favorite is Elegantly Wasted because it’s my first book- it’s nowhere near perfect, but it’s the reason I kept chasing my dreams.
10.                       Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?
I tend to get asked this a lot and I really wish I had a great answer, but the fact is you have to be willing to look at yourself, your weakness, and keep improving yourself from there. Write. Every day, write something… anything. No one got better at their craft by just sitting around.
11.                       Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?
I do hear from them quite often. I’m always happy to converse with all my readers. The biggest topic is usually about Frankie- my heroine. They love her even though she’s a bad person. I think Frankie lets people know that the horrible inner monologue some of us have is not a bad thing. It’s normal. Sarcasm is life.
12.                       What do you think makes a good story?
Characters. For me, it’s all about making your characters interesting. Having a good grip on your storyline is important, but if your characters suck, no one cares about your story.
13.                       As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
My grandpa was a photographer, so I knew I wanted to do that. I looked up to him, and was often told I inherited his eye for it. I’m happy that I could also achieve that dream and make him proud.
14.                       What Would you like my readers to know?
Keep reading… keep writing… keep positive.


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