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Sweet Green Paper by Shannon McDermott Review

The Adventures of Christian Holmes is a series of short detective stories, offering humor and moral themes. It centers around the adventures and misadventures of Christian Holmes, his fellow agents at the CBI, and his eccentric English cousin Henry. The Adventures of Christian Holmes have been enjoyed by both adults and children.
After years of living out his adventures in the pages of SALT Magazine, Christian Holmes has entered the world of e-publishing. Inspection and Sweet Green Paper are now available for purchase and download.

Inspection (Adventures of Christian Holmes 1)
by Shannon McDermott
An interloper arrives at the CBI, claiming to be a data-collector from headquarters. Christian Holmes, together with Greg Belden, is assigned to help him.
As they work with the outsider, their doubts grow. Who is he, and what did he really come for?
More than one man will be tested, when inspection comes.
Inspection is available on Amazon, and in Nook and Kindle format at SALT Christian Press. You can read the first half of the story here.
Inspection on Goodreads

Sweet Green Paper (Adventures of Christian Holmes 2)
by Shannon McDermott
Christian Holmes is on the trail of a thief. It’s another day in the life of his private detective agency—until he’s shown a picture of the thief’s accomplice, and recognizes his own cousin.
So he partners with his cousin in pursuit of a thief and the more elusive truth. All sorts of lies are told, when the reward is sweet green paper.
Sweet Green Paper is the second Adventure of Christian Holmes, a detective series offering humor and moral themes.
Sweet Green Paper is available on Amazon. To read excerpts, visit its Goodreads page.

Titles Available to Read for Free Online:

Shannon McDermott is the author of the epic fantasy novel The Valley of Decision, as well as the futuristic The Last Heir and the novellas Beautyof the Lilies and Summer Leaves (Sons of Tryas, I and II). She also writes the Christian Holmes series – a collection of short stories originally published in SALT Magazine and now released in e-format.

Her second novel was released May 31, 2014. She is currently writing The Shameful Years, a science fiction story about the exploration of Mars and America’s Great Collapse. She is also a regular contributor at SpeculativeFaith, where she blogs every other Wednesday.

Shannon is the third child and oldest daughter in a family of thirteen children. She was homeschooled through high school and edited at SALT Magazine. She loves sweet coffee, chocolate, politics, and literature. If you want to know more about her, visit her blog or her Facebook page. You can also find Shannon on Goodreads.

To see what’s new on the site, visit the What’s New page. And yes, we know how obvious that sounds.

Shannon’s Works
The Valley of Decision; available on SALT Christian Press and Amazon, in paperback and Kindle editions
The Sunrise Windows; available on Amazon 
The Last Heir; available in print and Kindle on AmazonBeauty of the Lilies (Sons of Tryas, I); available on Amazon 
Summer Leaves (Sons of Tryas, II); 
available on AmazonInspection (Adventures of Christian Holmes 1); available on AmazonSweet Green Paper (Adventures of Christian Holmes 2); available on Amazon

Cards: An Eternities Novella; available on Amazon and OpenBooks
My Review:
This is an interesting spin-off and it kept me reading in one sitting. I liked the ending and the mystery was good. There is definitely truth that needs to be found out. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

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