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Zimmah Chronicles by Scott King Trailer, Excerpt & Giveaway

Welcome to my tour stop for the Zimmah Chronicles by Scott King! This is a middle grade fantasy series. The tour runs December 1-11with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

CvsB New CoverCupcakes vs. Brownies
Zimmah the djinn isn't evil. He simply thinks the world would be more fun if everything was made of desserts. So when ten-year-old Karim Jacobs makes a wish to fix his parent's marriage it's not Zimmah's fault that he twists the wish. He couldn't help himself. Candypunk airships and cupcake castles are cool! Of course Karim isn't happy about his wish going astray, specially when running into fantastical creatures like gummy-grizzly-bears and rock candy beasts; and although he desperately wants to go home, he finds himself in the middle of a war between the Cupcake Kingdom and Brownie Kingdom. With his parents lives in danger, its up to him to stop Zimmah and restore the world to normal.  

MvsU Cover AmazonMermaids vs. Unicorns
Zimmah the wicked djinn thought he was so smart. He thought nothing could stop him, let alone a mere child. That was until he met Whitney, a devilish girl who used his own powers against him. A wish gone wrong sends Zimmah, Whitney, and Karim to The Otherworld, a magical land where Mermaids and Unicorns are caught in an epic war. All Whitney wants is to save her sick mother, all Karim wants is to get home, and all Zimmah wants is revenge on the children who have tricked him.

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GvsD Cover ebook coverGenie vs. Djinn
The chaotic magic of hundreds of djinn are destroying San Francisco. Dinosaurs. Butterfly volcanos. Buildings made of jello– If someone can wish it, it’s happening. Unable to access his own powers, Zimmah the former djinn, must rely on Karim and Whitney’s help.
Standing in their way is Alkema, Zimmah’s murderous father, an almost omnipotent ifrit who enjoys watching the suffering of others. If not stopped he will not only destroy the city, but plunge the entire world into total madness.

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Scott KingAbout the Author:
Scott King is a writer and photographer. He was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Ocean City, Maryland. He received his undergraduate degree in film from Towson University, and his M.F.A. in film from American University.
“DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel,” King’s first book was published in Fall ’09. He is also the creator and writer of “Holiday Wars” and he is known for his board game photography, specifically his annual calendar that highlights tabletop and hobby games.
Excerpt 5 (Cupcakes vs. Brownies)
Looking at the mountain again, Karim groaned. He should have seen it sooner. The mountain was made up of slabs of different flavored ice cream layered together and covered in freezer burn.
            Karim lifted his right foot, but it didn’t budge. He pulled harder. The sludge slurped around his ankle, sucking him deeper into it.
            “I need a lift.” Karim grabbled tight to Lion’s mane. Lion leaned in the opposite direction, plucking Karim from the goo. From the higher vantage point, Karim could see that the sludge flowed with currents. Darker steams mixed with creamy puddles, like milk being poured into a cappuccino. The best bet for avoiding them would be to backtrack to the caramel river and to follow it upstream, but doing so would cost them hours.
            “We need to turn around,” Karim said with a sigh.
            They retraced their steps, and as they did Karim couldn’t figure out if they were sinking or if the ice cream sludge was rising. In a matter of minutes, Karim had to pull his legs up to keep them from getting splashed. It got so deep that even Lion, with his powerful haunches, struggled to lift his paws.
            A dark patch in front of them stirred,  circular ripples  expanding from it. The ground rumbled.
            “Run!” Karim yelled.
            A geyser of boiling hot fudge ruptured from the ground. It streaked over a hundred feet, drenching the area in a wet chocolate mist that burned when it touched Karim’s exposed skin.
            Lion sprang off his back legs in an attempt to jump clear of the melted ice cream. The ground gave way beneath him, and his whole backside sunk into the goo. Panicking, he kicked all four legs, trying to doggy paddle, but it was like trying to swim in quicksand. The more he floundered, the deeper he plunged.
            Another geyser erupted, this one so close that the chocolate stream struck Karim,  hurling him off Lion’s back. Karim crashed head first into the melted ice cream. He splashed his arms, needing to get back to the surface but the fall disoriented him. Even if it hadn’t the sludge was so thick that it made swimming impossible.
            A slow burning formed in his chest, like needles pricking along his lungs.
The thudding of his heart grew so loud that he could feel it in his fingers and toes. Unable to control it, he exhaled. Releasing the pressure gave him a moment of comfort that was quickly replaced by a dreadful burning. His whole body told him he needed to breathe. It ached for oxygen.
            Unable to control himself, Karim opened his mouth. The sludge rushed in, passing down his windpipe. He choked, but he had no air in his lungs to push out the liquid. Spots danced in his vision.
            This was it. He knew it. He was going to die by drowning in melted ice cream.

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