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Baby Comes Home by Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, MD, CM, MPH, FRCP(C) Book Review, Trailer & Giveaway

Book Description for Baby Comes Home:

Unlike most baby care books, expert pediatrician and health communicator DR. PAUL Roumeliotis takes a unique approach by emphasizing what scientific advances have confirmed—that what happens early on in life affects one's overall health decades down the road.

Baby Comes Home communicates the latest science that explains how positive or negative early childhood experiences can have lifelong consequences. The book begins by describing the vital changes that occur in a baby's brain during the first 18 months. It then explores the new "Science of TLC", that shows how tender, loving, and caring relationships with babies help to positively shape their brains. The book then presents important practical information on safety in the home and outdoors, baby routines/patterns, immunizations, injury prevention, nutrition, and more. To complete this useful guide, DR.PAUL also reviews common baby care issues and concerns as well as illnesses and conditions commonly seen during the first few years of life.

Whether you're a parent, grandparent, daycare teacher or child caregiver, this book is an excellent reference resource for your baby's current and future health, wellness and prosperity.

To hear Dr. Paul talk about his new book on CTV News,

CBC Interview:
Interview with Dr. Paul Roumeliotis:

QUESTION: What is your stance on feeding formula instead of breastmilk?
DR.PAUL ANSWERS: I have dedicated a whole section to the benefits of breastfeeding in my book and so my stance is clear...BREASTMILK IS BEST FOR BABY and the exclusive food for the first 6  months of life. Breastfeeding  is inexpensive, very convenient and promotes the bonding that I describe above while offering so many other health advantages to baby and mother!  I try as much as possible to encourage and support mothers to breastfeed for as long as possible. I really believe that a woman should be accommodated at work or wherever to be able to continue to breast feed her baby..even in public places. When not possible to start or continue breastfeeding for a variety of reasons, I of course support them as they use formula and remind them that cow's milk is not suitable for the first 12 months of life.
QUESTION: What is your stance on letting babies cry-it-out? 

DR.PAUL ANSWERS: I do not believe in letting babies “Cry it Out”. On the contrary, a crying/distressed baby needs to be fact, not soothing them can interfere with the brain development I describe above and in my book.

QUESTION: What is your stance starting solids before the age of 6 months?

DR.PAUL ANSWERS: Breast-fed babies need no other food for the first six months of age. At six month of age they need to start solids in order to ensure the necessary iron intake. For a variety of developmental and physiological reasons that I describe in my book, babies are not ready to east solids before at least 4 months of age. Formula fed babies solids can start between 4- 6 months of age, but not before.

QUESTION: Are you seeing a lot of resistance from parents not wanting to vaccinate their infants? If so, what can be done to increase vaccination rates?
DR.PAUL ANSWERS: This is a very important issue as we are in the midst of multiple Measles and Whooping cough outbreaks in North America largely due to unvaccinated children. We are hearing a lot about vaccine resistance, yet only  1-2% of parents refuse vaccines and about 10-15% are hesitant. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet, and this a challenge. I would recommend that parents discuss vaccination with their health care provider and to look at credible sources for information before making any decision. 
Personally, when I was training as a pediatrician in the 1980’s, I worked through the era when a very severe bacteria(Hemophilus Influenza B) was causing illness and even death in many young  children. Since the vaccine was released in 1985, this infection has almost completely disappeared. Immunization is by far,  one of the most important medical advances, yet many in North America take vaccines for granted because thanks to vaccines, infections that used to kill or mame millions have been virtually eradicated. 
I also believe that if parents refuse vaccination , they not only put their own children at risk,  but also can potentially expose others in the community, like young babies and persons with  weak immune systems. My approach is:  that when baby comes home, we do the best for optimal wellness. This wellness package includes, home/car safety, proper nutrition, TLC and in the same preventative spirit, I include vaccination as another thing we can do to protect baby and ensure optimal  safety, health  and wellness.


“Dr. Paul, an expert in pediatrics, has written a groundbreaking book about the importance of childhood/infant health in preventing illness and ensuring wellness later on in life. An accessible and valuable resource for doctors, psychiatrists, paramedics and parents around the world, this book should be used by organizations to further global initiatives relating to pediatric health on the international stage, the main specialized bodies of the United Nations, UNICEF and WHO in particular. If you are one of the believers of my own quote on this very subject: “A sound mind can only be found in a sound body,” then I strongly recommend that you carefully read and digest this innovative book by Dr.Paul accordingly.”
-His Excellency, Ambassador Doctor Waheed Waheedullah, United Nations Chief Trouble Shooter, Mother Theresa Peace Prize Winner

“Baby Comes Home” highlights how important the first few months of a baby’s life are. From delving into the science of the developing brain to exploring the daily routines of infant care, Dr. Paul has written an informative and engaging book about ways to invest in your baby’s current and lifelong health and wellness. I wish Dr. Paul’s book had been around when my five kids were growing up! He has anticipated the questions parents have and gives answers in a clear no nonsense way. He even makes the science understandable. This will be a well-thumbed book by all new parents and frequent late night reading!”
-Dr. Jean Clinton, MD, FRCP(C), Infant and Child Psychiatrist & Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry
and Behavioural Neuroscience, McMaster University

“This is a most important book for parents and those interested in the health of children. Dr. Paul is uniquely qualified to be its author. For over 30 years he has not only studied the science of children's health, and has written hundreds of articles but he has provided care of 1000s of children. His conversation with parents has given him a unique perspective on how many of the health issues that have to be dealt with,  can be prevented or uniquely approached. Use this book  as a resource,  use it as a textbook or use this book to help parents provide the kind day to day care they deserve.”
-Dr. Michael A.  LeNoir, MD, F.A.A.A.A.I, Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco(UCSF)Past President ,National Medical Association‎ and Past President, National Association of Physician Broadcasters


Author's Bio:

DR. PAUL Roumeliotis is an expert on early child health and wellness and a health communications pioneer. His educational content has reached millions of people online and he is regularly featured on TV and radio. He is an adjunct professor of pediatrics and former director of Multi-Format Health Communications for the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. DR.PAUL also holds a Masters of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health where he is an Associate faculty member.

A health communications pioneer and pediatrician, DR.PAUL Roumeliotis believes that the future of healthcare is in communicating health information in a variety of media formats, thereby making It available to the largest audience possible. It was this vision that inspired him to become a writer/publisher/producer of multi-format health and wellness resources, including becoming the world’s first online pediatrician with a website that has been visited by millions since its launch in 1995.

Beginning as a professional drummer and record producer, DR. PAUL’s journey to his present vision actually preceded his medical career. In 1991, he merged his medical expertise and technical talents into the DR. PAUL Child Health and Wellness Information Project, reflecting his commitment to create practical and trustworthy health information resources in all formats. He has created and produced well over 300 productions (more than 1 million of his videos, cassettes, and DVDs have been distributed across North America).

DR.PAUL has been able to effectively merge his skills in producing information with accuracy, credibility, confidence, and comfort as a common theme. The potential social impact is enormous, as the need for accurate and empathetic health content is huge.

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Video Trailer:

My review;

The author of this wonderful book believes that the first 18 months of every person's life is the most important health wise. He writes about changes in a child's brain and talks about how a child develops. He talks about safety around the child, whether at home, in the car or elsewhere. It is a great book for any parent, caregiver or grandparent to read and keep nearby for reference when needed. A very easy to read and helpful book. I give this book a 5/5. I was given this book for a review and all opinions are my own.

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