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Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Marty Wingate Interview & Giveaway

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place
by Marty Wingate

I loved the characters between the banter of Chris and Pru and the wedding plans being funny this series is great. The fact you are learning about gardening along the way is not bad either. If you enjoy cozies and gardening this is a great series for you.
~Bab’s Book Bistro
I can’t say enough good things about Author Marty Wingate’s Potting Shed Mysteries, especially Between a Rock and a Hard Place, her best one yet!
~Jane Reads
With a cast of characters so fun and well developed, The story will keep you captivated and intrigued right to the last page.
~Shelley’s Book Case
It was well written and I enjoyed the banter between the characters…This was a great book that kept me guessing till the very end.
~Melina’s Book Blog​
Between a Rock and a Hard Place, the “Potting Shed Mysteries” as a whole….and, ok, anything written by Marty Wingate are on my list of favorites.
~Back Porchervations
Pru Park is one of my favorite cozy mystery heroines.
~ Michelle’s Romantic Tangle
between a rockBetween a Rock and a Hard Place: A Potting Shed Mystery
(Potting Shed Mystery series Book 3)

Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Alibi (August 4, 2015)
Random House LLC

Perfect for fans of Laura Childs, Ellery Adams, and Jenn McKinlay, Marty Wingate’s enchanting Potting Shed Mystery series heads to Scotland as Pru Parke plans her wedding . . . all while a vengeful murderer is poised to strike again.
After her romantic idyll with the debonair Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Pearse culminates in a marriage proposal, Pru Parke sets about arranging their nuptials while diving into a short-term gig at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. At hand is the authentication of a journal purportedly penned by eighteenth-century botanist and explorer Archibald Menzies. Compared to the chaos of wedding planning, studying the journal is an agreeable task . . . that is, until a search for a missing cat leads to the discovery of a dead body: One of Pru’s colleagues has been conked on the head with a rock and dumped from a bridge into the Water of Leith.
Pru can’t help wondering if the murder has something to do with the Menzies diary. Is the killer covering up a forgery? Among the police’s many suspects are a fallen aristocrat turned furniture maker, Pru’s overly solicitous assistant, even Pru herself. Now, in the midst of sheer torture by the likes of flamboyant wedding dress designers and eccentric church organists, Pru must also uncover the work of a sly murderer—unless this bride wants to walk down the aisle in handcuffs.

About the Author
Marty Wingate is the author of two previous Potting Shed mysteries, The Garden Plot and The Red Book of Primrose House. Her new Birds of a Feather Mystery series debuted with The Rhyme of the Magpie. Wingate is a regular contributor toCountry Gardens and other magazines. She also leads gardening tours throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and North America. More Potting Shed and Birds of a Feather mysteries are planned.

Where are you from?
I’ve lived in the Seattle area for many years now, but before that I hopped around a bit – the Southwest, Southern California, and two years in Ireland.

Tell us your latest news?
I’m delighted that the third book in my Potting Shed mystery series continues the story of Pru Parke, a middle-aged American who moves to England. At work, Pru does battle with a colleague, while in her personal life, she moves out of her comfort zone. Attending dress fittings – what’s that about? There will be more Pru stories, as well as my new series, Birds of a Feather, with main character Julia Lanchester. Set in England – and yes, birds are involved.

When and why did you begin writing?
I believe I wrote my first story at about age eight! As for “why” – probably loads of writers struggle with the answer to that. It seems that each story is just waiting for me to discover it – and the characters, too.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
Always! But between age eight and a few years ago, when I took up fiction again, I wrote how-to garden books and articles. Then, at the urging of a friend, I realized that I felt a pull to tell stories.

What inspired you to write your first book?
Because we travel to England a lot, I’ve always had fun with the differences between our two seemingly similar cultures. We all speak the same language – right? I loved pointing out the problems Pru had when she moved to London from Texas – lift/elevator, jumper/sweater, ring/call – and that’s just to begin with. Through the second book (The Red Book of Primrose House) and now with Between a Rock and a Hard Place, I’ve enjoyed finding ways to make Pru stumble with the culture. Making mistakes is the best way to learn!

Do you have a specific writing style?
I strive for good dialogue – whether it’s in a conversation where clues are planted or in an argument or in a romantic scene. And although I don’t write dense pages of narrative, I want readers to get a sense of place, atmosphere, time, weather! That last is especially important in Between a Rock and a Hard Place, which takes place in Edinburgh where there’s a long list of words for different kind of weather.

How did you come up with the title?
Between a Rock and a Hard Place was the inspiration of my editor at Alibi. Titles can be a stumbling block for writers – we know the story, but how can we sum all that up in only a few words? Thank goodness for editors!

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
You’re never too old. Take charge when necessary. Embrace history – we are all a part of the story. Always take time for a cup of tea and an empire biscuit!

What would you like my readers to know?
England and Scotland are wonderful places to visit – full of beautiful gardens, history, and gorgeous landscapes. Go traveling! Wander around the Botanics in Edinburgh and walk down into the city center and admire the castle. Think of Pru as she stood at the bar of her local pub and had a pint. You can do that, too!

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