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Ophelia’s Lessons: The Naughty Shakespeare Series Book 1 by Esmae Browder Excerpt, Giveaway & Interview

Ophelia’s Lessons: The Naughty Shakespeare Series Book 1
by Esmae Browder



Sweet, innocent Ophelia--she wants nothing more than to marry Hamlet Elsinore. But what does a simple virgin know about pleasing a man like the sophisticated and charming Hamlet? Not a whole lot, but when her seductive roommate, Portia, learns of Ophelia’s interest, she gets Horatio to “teach” the innocent girl everything she’ll need to know to seduce his best friend, Hamlet.

Set in modern day, this prequel to Hamlet is steamy enough to have even the Bard blushing! Enjoy this first book of Literotica in the Naughty Shakespeare series.



“You look fabulous.”

Portia’s eyes were filled with admiration as she surveyed her handiwork. She’d dressed Ophelia in a simple white dress. It fit to the curves of her body like a delicate glove, the silver zipper in the back running all the way down to the hemline. All a lover would have to do was pull the zipper down and her voluptuous body would be revealed.

“I like your hair up like that, too,” Portia said. “All those springy curls will create a wonderful effect during the heat of passion when he pulls it down.”

Astonished, Ophelia stared in the wide mirror above the couch.

Reflected back at her was a person she’d never seen before--someone who held a childlike innocence on her face that belied her twenty one years. Tucked into that innocence was the possibility of more.

“Well, what do you think?” Portia tapped her foot, impatient. “Do you like it or not?”

“I love it,” Ophelia whispered. “You’ve made me beautiful.”

“You were always beautiful darlin’,” Portia said, giving her arm a squeeze. “You just didn’t know it. And after tonight, you’ll be a little vixen. I have a feeling about you, Ophelia. Sex is going to change everything.”

There was a knock at the door.

Portia clapped her hands in excitement, while Ophelia bit her lip, her heart beating a mile a minute.

This was it.

What she’d been waiting for.

“Take a breath.” Portia instructed her. “It’s all going to be okay.”

With a small nod, Ophelia did as she was told.

“Horatio, how are you darlin’?” Portia opened the door, revealing a dark haired man. In the dim light of the hall, he seemed larger than life, his square shoulders framed in the doorway. “Come on in.”

Ophelia couldn’t help but let out a little gasp of surprise when he entered the room.

Horatio. Hamlet’s best friend. What could Portia be thinking by setting her up like this?


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Esmae Browder is an ex-Catholic school girl from New Orleans who loves vodka tonics and romance. Combining her love of literature with a flair for erotic fiction, she has created a unique series which includes prequels and retellings of some of the Bard’s most famous works. Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew--nothing is sacred in Esmae’s Literotica world. You may know your Shakespeare, but you haven’t heard the whole erotic story! An avid blogger at All Things Writing, you can learn more about Esmae there or stop by her website:

1. Where are you from?

I’m from New Orleans originally, but I currently reside in Texas. I have to say that I love the Lone Star state, but I sure do miss my beloved Nola sometimes! Maybe that’s why one of my stories in the Naughty Shakespeare series takes place there! Of course, Ophelia’s Lessons takes place in Austin, Texas so I guess I’m managing to get both of my favorite places into my work!

2. Tell us your latest news?

My latest news is that I will be attending the Romance Writers of America Conference in July. I cannot wait to connect with other authors and readers! I will also be giving away all three of the books in the Naughty Shakespeare series away for free that week which is July 23-26. Be sure to pick up your free copies at Amazon.

3. When and why did you begin writing?

Like a lot of writers, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I didn’t really get serious about it until ten years ago. A story idea kept jumping up and down in my head until I could no longer ignore it! Next thing you know, I started publishing short stories and eventually landed a book deal with a small press.

4. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I don’t think I felt like a writer until I went to my first book signing. Suddenly I was holding this book in my hands with my name on it! It was crazy and sort of surreal. I signed the book and that’s when I knew: I was a writer. It was no longer something I just played around with in my spare time.  I’ve called myself a writer ever since.

5. What inspired you to write your first book?

My husband inspired me. He basically said, “Why don’t you quit stalling and get busy writing this story down!” I know that doesn’t sound very romantic or thrilling, but sometimes inspiration comes in all forms.

6. What would you like my readers to know?

My Naughty Shakespeare series is a fun, fast paced, erotic retelling of some of Shakespeare’s most famous works. Ophelia’s Lessons is a modern day prequel to the tragedy Hamlet. In this version, we get Ophelia’s seductive back story and why she is so obsessed with Hamlet. Sexy and steamy, this is tale that would have made the Bard drop his quill pen and blush! If that floats your boat, I encourage you to journey on to Ravishing Rosaline (a prequel to Romeo and Juliet) and Taming of the Prude (a retelling of Taming of the Shrew set in New Orleans).

Thanks for having me today and may all your nights be erotic ones!--Esmae Browder

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