Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Belated Easter

I would like to wish my readers a belated happy Easter. Hopefully we are all off our sugar highs by now, and the kiddos are back to their non sugar filled routines. I was thinking alot about past Easters on Sunday. It would have been my parents 40th anniversary. I was thinking about how every Easter we hung eggs outside (almost). One year I bought eggs without holes in them, and my dad drilled a hole in every one we hung. About how we would go see my dad's mom, and shw had a HUGE bowl of candy. How we used to get together at my mom's parents every year and see all our great aunts and uncles. How every year my parents did an Easter egg hunt in the living room. My dad hid them so good.lol Of course there were always the same places every year, like in the lamp, on top of the curio cabinet. But my favorite was on top of my mom's seeder from her grandmother.
Then I realized when I saw my nieces and nephew playing together that we need to cretae our own special hiding places, and make our own memories. It is what poppi would have wanted. We are blessed that we live in times of video cameras and camcorders.
I would also like to share that Easter is not just about candy, it is also about the rise of Jesus.

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