Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Bailey Devlin Series by Rebecca Forster Reviews

Book 1
Oh, boy! Oh, Bailey! What are you going to do when Fate decides to have a little fun with you? Bailey's horoscope promises the man coming to her door will change her life. He's not the man she wants, but might be the one she needs.

My Review:
I don't usually read rom-coms, however I was intrigued by the horoscope aspect of the book. I still read my horoscope whenever I have the paper in front of me, and I read my husbands. The prologue is about the first time Bailey's horoscope came true. which is something I think every woman can relate to on some level. Going through. Puberty is not easy. Then the book picks up in present day when Bailey is working to passing the bar.. on her way into work she has mishap after mishap. She  sees men as future boyfriends and the read is amusing. The rest of the book went on like that, and was even funnier when Bailey met her match, or is it matches? This was a quick fun read that I enjoyed. I am giving this book a 4/5. All opinions are my own.   

Book 2
Find a penny, pick it up; just don't bank on Lady Luck.
Bailey Devlin is on the fast track to happiness when she picks up a woman stranded in the rain. Little does Bailey know that her good deed is about to change her fortunes forever.

My Review:
This book, like the first in the series, has a hilarious prologue. I think that almost everyone has heard of pennies, has heard of them being good luck, However, they have to be face up. In this case, Penny is a woman's name that Bailey picks up. Not only that, but Penny is a good friend of Bailey's new Beau. What a nightmare while meeting her Beau's parents. However, I do have to say that the middle of the book was fun and lighthearted. But the ending was the same as the first book, So, I am giving this book a 3/5.

Book 3
Just when you think it's going to be smooth sailing, Venus messes with your rudder. Everyone thinks Bailey Devlin has taken leave of her senses when she heads to sea to decide which guy will sail into the sunset with her.

My Review:
This is the conclusion to the trilogy and I did not expect what happened on the ship, at the end, at all. I few loose ends were also tied up. I am giving this book a 4/5. All opinions are my own.

I started writing on a crazy dare and found my passion. Now I'm a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author. I write what I love to read—thrillers. More importantly, I live the experience whenever I can. From graduating from the DEA and ATF Citizens academies, landing by tail hook on the USS Nimitz, and living in Albania to research ancient blood feud, I hope my adventures make my books unforgettable.

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