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Walking with the Enemy by C. Read Review



Walking With the Enemy," by C. Read is the true story about the authors involvement with a Bible study group that turned out to be a cult remarkably similar to the Branch Davidians of Waco Texas led by David Koresh.

As of 28 February 1993 Read had been with them for some three years and had grown to love and trust the leaders completely but after she found out the truth about them she could no longer remain.

That did not stop them from wanting her back under their control and influence and her testimony will show how they tried so hard to convince her that they were right and she was wrong.

Cults are on the rise and no one is exempt from their evil influences! And even though David Koresh was violently removed from this earth over twenty years ago his spirit still lives on in the hearts of some very deceived and wicked men.


Walking With the Enemy: A Testimony by C. Read

Published by True Light Publications

2017 Best Book Awards--Sponsored by American Book Fest

Award Finalist--Christian Inspirational category

9 November 2017

Fourth Annual Illumination Book Awards 2017

Bronze Award--Illumination Medalists in the EBook Non-fiction category

12 January 2017

Dan Poynters 2016 Global EBook Awards

Bronze Award--Non-Fiction - Religion/Faith categories

14 August 2016

Nonfiction Book Awards

Two Silver Awards--Religion and Spirituality categories

5 July 2016

Moms Choice Awards

Silver Award--Named among the best in family-friendly media products and services.

5 August 2015

Author Bio Read first committed her life to the Lord Jesus Christ in the fall of 1979 while she was in the United States Marine Corps. She was stationed in Hawaii but while on a temporary assignment to Yuma Arizona the Iranian students seized the American Embassy in Tehran and had taken several American hostages.

A special friend of hers was on a six-month deployment to Japan and was placed on red alert. He was prepared to go to Iran at a moments notice and she felt so helpless to do anything about it.

That was such an uncertain time in her life and as unbelievable as it may sound Read was actually thankful for the Iranian Crisis because it was that momentous event that caused her to see the great need for her Savior. About that same time a young Marine whom she had never met came up to her as she was leaving her barracks in Yuma and handed her a Bible and said Here I think you need to read this. He just walked away and Read never saw him again but she will never forget him!

That brief encounter was a major turning point in Read s life and she did take his advice. Read started reading and studying the Bible but that was just the beginning of her walk with God...

“Walking with the Enemy is Read’s story of a three-year engagement with a religious cult and the miraculous event that gave her the courage to escape. …this book is an important narrative for any Christian believer, and might be of particular interest to anyone who is a survivor of a religious cult.
–Foreword Reviews

“An inherently fascinating, thoroughly absorbing, candidly personal story that should be considered urgent reading for anyone having to deal with a loved one tempted to join a cult or already part of one. Simply stated, ‘Walking With the Enemy: A Testimony’ is very highly recommended for personal, church, community, and academic library collections. Indeed, ‘Walking With the Enemy: A Testimony’ is critically important reading for all members of the Christian community regardless of their denominational affiliation!” –Midwest Book Review

“Read offers her personal tale of religious awakening, including her experiences with people whom she says were falsely serving Jesus Christ…
Debut author Read’s story is clearly heartfelt. ..Readers will likely be convinced of the author’s devoutness early on, which she bolsters with many biblical references…
…her memoir delivers a quick, highly personalized account of her life’s journey.”
─Kirkus Reviews

My Review:

Wow. This book opened up my eyes to the fact that anyone can be pulled into in occult, not because of who they are, but because of the leaders of the cult. This was a fascinating and sometimes scary look at how close this woman came to losing her identity. I also want to mention that this is also a book that shows religion in different ways, sometimes in ways that I did not agree with, ut had to read to understand what the author went through. This is not a book to be taken lightly. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own. 

April Snow, by Lynn Steward Review

Dana McGarry, separated from her cheating husband, is laser-focused on her new job as a buyer at a leading New York City department store of the 1970s, B. Altman. But in order to achieve success, she must free herself from more than a bad marriage. She is smothered by overly-protective family and friends and becomes discouraged when the Old Guard at the store rejects her brainchild: The English Shop, a boutique that will set B. Altman apart from mainstream retailing.  No stranger to innovation and risk, Dana is determined to stand her ground. She finds both mentor and love interest in the dynamic Mark Tepper, a businessman from the Upper West Side who suggests a bold fashion move to make The English Shop a reality.  Her exciting new world is shattered in a New York minute, however, when a life is threatened, a heart is broken, and a secret is revealed.

Steward captures the nuances of 70s life in New York City and provides the perfect backdrop for Dana McGarry’s journey as an independent woman determined to make her mark.  April Snow is a story that transcends any period. 
My Review:
This is a great sequel to the first book, and I fell right back in place. I felt as though Dana was every woman scorned, abused and her ideas were stolen, There was so much that she had to deal with. Not to mention her family. She finally gets a second chance, but will it be enough for her? At times I felt like nothing else could go wrong, however Dana did not give up. When is enough enough? I am giving this book a 3/3. Definitely shows a woman's determination, against the world. All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The way you like him

Impress Him by Cooking

One way that you can impress the man that you love is by cooking. Sure it is wonderful to be taken out to restaurants but that is not the most intimate and romantic thing that you can do. Being alone just the two of you with lighted candles and a meal made for two is the thing that impresses a man the most. So do something extra special and prepare his favorite meal like shrimp scampi linguine. No meal can say I love you except a meal that you made yourself from scratch. Take the time to buy what you need, remember the wine, the candles, and some fresh flowers for the table. Have everything ready and let him sit back and enjoy the meal.

Let Him Know Your Feelings

Sometimes it is difficult for men to discuss their feelings. They are not as used to being completely open and emotional or saying things from the heart as women are. Find the right time to talk and don’t do it when he seems stressed or moody. A man in a good mood and completely relaxed is ready to listen to you. Keep in mind how long you have been seeing each other and when you talk to him about how you feel don’t make him feel like you are pressuring him into doing something or feeling something he is not ready to do or feel. Perhaps start off by offering him some food like a shrimp burger and after he has enjoyed his food start telling him what is on your mind. Just tell him openly and honestly how you feel but don’t expect him to feel exactly the same way. Give him time to think about what you have said and then let him tell you what he thinks. If he is less enthusiastic about your relationship at the moment than you are, give him time and space. If you continue to be loving and good toward him in time he will loosen up and perhaps begin to reciprocate more special feelings toward you as well.

Give Him a Gift

Gift giving is always an uncomfortable thing for a man. Usually they think you expect a gift from them and do not expect a gift from you. It also depends on how long the two of you have been seeing each other. If it has been 6 months or more you are safe to get him something and he won’t think it is too strange. Perhaps you might consider showing him that you understand that there are times he would like to go out with his friends instead of spending another evening with you. That is perfectly alright and you might consider giving him two tickets for a sports event he has been wanting to see so he can go to enjoy it with his best buddy. You can bet he will appreciate this gesture from you. If it is his birthday and you are not sure what to get him, remember that men want to be acknowledged but do not care too much if you give them a special gift or not. So on his birthday bake him a special cake like an eclair cake. He will appreciate it more than if you give him cologne or a watch that he might not even want. Keep the gift giving to a minimum and you will score more points with your man than by showering him with gifts that he won’t really appreciate.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Child has a vacation

Adults might not realize that a child can also be stressed and emotionally exhausted. They always seem to have fun playing and acting as if life is full of joy. You have to remember that children worry a lot because they are little and they cannot really understand the world around them. They have the stress of going to school every day. They might not like their teacher or they might be afraid of a bully. Then they have to go home and do their homework. So life for children is also not just a joyful ride. They also look forward to vacation time when school is out for the summer and they look forward to weekends when they can be with their families. Take the time to greet your children coming from school by baking them a special treat like a honey bun cake that they can have with milk before they have to go do their homework. Remember to see that they have time for rest or having a nap so that they can fully relax when they are at home.

Take Some Time for Reading When Your Children Are On Vacation

The one thing all children look forward to is summer vacation. However a summer vacation should not be all fun there should also be some time for some learning. Now that school is out for a while have your children take the time to fill in workbooks and do quizzes that will train their minds and see how much they learned at school in the past year. One way for children to practice the skills they learned during the school year is by reading. They don’t have to read much but they should take time to read at least for half an hour a day. For older children take a look to see if your local library sponsors a summer reading program. Get your children interested and treat them to something delicious like a 7up cake to show them that you are rewarding them for taking the effort to do a little work even during summer vacation. You can create fun activities for them like doing gardening chores or helping around the house.

How to Make Your Children’s Vacation Unforgettable

One of the important things about family vacations is to focus on the time you’ll spend together not on how much it will cost. Plan activities that you can do together as a family and remember to make a reasonable budget so that everyone can enjoy vacation time. Plan activities that will be fun for both younger and older children and activities that parents can join in on. Have your whole family in on the planning and write up ideas. Finally choose the most reasonable idea and have everyone in on planning where you’ll go, stay, and what you will do. If you have everyone in on the planning you know your vacation will go well. While you’re sitting around planning your vacation make your family a special meal like shrimp lo mein. Once you have decided where you’ll spend your vacation make sure that everyone agrees on the activities you’ll participate in and make sure you set aside a day or two just for relaxing and doing whatever comes to mind at the place you are staying at. Remember that it is not the amount of money you can spend on vacation to make it memorable but the amount of quality time you can spend together as a family.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Reading books

How to Enjoy Reading Books

It is simply a fact that there are people who enjoy reading and those who usually don’t even try to read a book. Books can be a pleasure to read because they can take you into another world and let you escape from your problems for awhile. Take a trip to your local library and enter into the cool and quiet space where there are many shelves all lined with books. Take a deep sniff and pick up the wonderful scent of the pages all filled with things to tell you. Of course, a book cannot speak it is an inanimate object but it speaks through the words of the author that wrote it. Let’s say you have seen a movie and you enjoyed the characters. You still won’t know everything there is to know about them unless you read the book that came before the movie. Decide what genres you enjoy like fiction, non-fiction, history, true stories, and such. Then take a look at what books are available in your chosen genre. You are sure to find something of interest and you can be sure once you begin reading you won’t want to put your book down. When you are at home find a quiet space all to yourself for reading where nothing will distract you. Make yourself some coffee or tea and have a freshly baked slice of crumb cake by your side. Then open your book and step into another world and you’ll leave the world you know behind for a while.

Why I Started Reading

There are many reasons that people begin reading for me it just came naturally from childhood once I learned to read. Later on, there were school books which I had to read for school which might not have interested me as much but were required. When I got the chance to make my own choices at first I chose to read novels. Some of the classics like books by Dickens caught my interest because there were so many fascinating fictional characters that I would otherwise never have known existed. If a book really held my interest I could read for hours. When I discovered Hollywood films created movies from some of the books I enjoyed I was overjoyed to see the characters I loved come to life on the big screen. I also discovered books that could teach me new things. I discovered that I enjoyed cooking by reading my first cookbook and making some of my first meals like shrimp risotto. It was interesting to see that I could create this meal by reading about it in the cookbook. Once I knew that I could find books in many different genres I was completely hooked and always looked for another book to enjoy once I finished reading the book I had previously chosen.

     The Benefits of Reading

Even though some people might not believe it, there are many benefits to reading. First of all after a stressful day a book will help you to relax. Books have the ability to take you far from reality depending on what you have chosen to read. When you begin you feel the stress of the day slipping away from you and your thoughts are now elsewhere. Books can educate you about things you did not know existed and offer you different thoughts and ideas. They can give your memory a boost and offer your vocabulary expansion. Keep a dictionary handy when you are reading to look up the words you discover and did not know before. Reading a book at bedtime will help you drift off to sleep quicker once your thoughts are not racing around thinking of the things you have to still do but have you concentrating on the story you are reading. Many books can be very entertaining and will provide you hours of entertainment where you use your imagination as to what is happening in the book.

    How to Make Reading Fun

Reading can be fun because there are so many books to choose from. You can start off with fiction and find yourself traveling around European countries in the pages of a book. Going to different libraries is fun too Seeing the architecture and design of the library and choosing a special book to read there. Reading can start you off on many different hobbies like arts and crafts or encourage you to try your hand at gardening or cooking. If you already enjoy cooking it can be fun trying different cuisines and making dishes like blackened shrimp which might not be something you thought you would try until you picked up that cookbook. Think about events in history that you are interested in and find a book that will tell you about them. If you like try some audio books where you can listen to the book and close your eyes and imagine what is happening. These are just some ways to make reading fun.