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The Naughtier List by Jade West Excerpt

Getting filthy for clients and getting paid for it... 

The greatest job in the world. 

The Naughtier List by USA Today Bestselling author Jade West is live on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Naughtier, hotter, and spicier than ever, you don’t want to miss the filthy follow-up to the Top 30 Amazon Bestseller The Naughty List. 

Check out a sneak peek of The Naughtier List! 


It feels so weird, standing at the top of the staircase, fresh back from my trip to Sydney to see my parents, my suitcase by my side as I open my bedroom door. My life here, in this crappy shared house, is almost over. There will be no more piled up pans in the kitchen. No more grimy showers with mould all over the walls to contend with. No more limescale around every single tap and plughole in the place.  

I’ve got an afternoon packed full of apartment viewings tomorrow, now I can finally afford to get out of this shithole.  

It’s still hard to take in the reality. My life has changed so much it’s unrecognisable from just a few months ago. 

My name is still Ella Jane Edwards. But another character has been added to the mix.  

I’m not just Ella anymore. I’m a kinky goth mantrap called Holly, too – a persona I never imagined I’d be taking on.  

You see, Holly is a prostitute.  

The follow up to the Top 30 bestseller, The Naughty List! No jingle bells or pre-reading necessary! 

Ella Edwards is loving her dream life in the city of London, doing ‘naughty’ things for a living and adoring every second. 

Her clients are getting naughtier, her paychecks are getting bigger, and she’s dating another crazy hot ‘entertainer’ who’s driving her wild. 

Josh, otherwise known as Weston - one of the greatest Agency Hardcorers of them all. 

The flames are burning bright, and the passion is scorching hot, so what could possibly go wrong?  

How about her betraying, cheater of an ex discovering what she does for living, and throwing threats around that could bring her world tumbling down? 

Not everyone agrees with her career choices – and some of those people have a lot more influence than others… 

Will poor Ella get to keep climbing the naughty list, or will her hardcore dreams turn to dust? 

Author’s note: The Naughty List was definitely naughty, so please heed the title of this one. This novel contains some very taboo and hardcore scenes and situations that may be triggering, including hardcore BDSM, degradation, and CNC. 

Read today on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited! 


About Jade West 

Jade West is an erotic romance author, based in the English Herefordian countryside.  

Best known for Sugar Daddies, Bait and Call Me Daddy, she began her career in 2015 with the launch of her debut novel, Dirty Bad Wrong - the first of the Dirty Bad series.  

She is a dirty, obsessive fantasist, who couldn't hold back the words if she tried. Her incessant chatter on the topic of crushes and storylines can drive the people around her crazy, but they are plenty used to it by now. She's been doing it since she was tiny, but her fantasies have changed a little bit since then...  

Outside of writing filthy romance novels, she likes sparkly things, black velvet and businessmen in suits. Late nights, and 90s game shows, and the dramatic lyrics of pop ballads.  

Oh, and chocolate fudge cake. She likes that a lot, too.  








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