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Harric’s immortal enemy, Sir Bannus, lies defeated in the valley, his army buried under tons of mountain rubble—a rock fall that Harric brought down with the magic of the Unseen Moon. For now, the quest to deliver the Queen’s peace treaty to the mysterious Kwendi is safe.

But Sir Bannus rises from defeat with Harric’s name on his lips, vengeance in his fist, and a vow to capture the treaty-bearers and spark war to bring ruin upon the Queen. To Harric, death would be preferable, for if she falls, Sir Bannus or another of the Old Ones will reclaim the throne and cast women and bastards like Harric back into slavery.

Yet Harric’s companions condemn his use of trickery and magic to fight Sir Bannus—tools that saved them once before, and which he believes are as vital as swords for the Queen’s protection.

When treachery, discord, and death doom the quest, Harric must choose between the love and regard of his friends and his self-chosen destiny as Her Majesty’s Unseen protector.

It is a choice that will forever bind him to one…and bring ruin to the other.

* * *
THE JACK OF RUIN is sequel to the multi-award-winning novel, THE JACK OF SOULS.

My Review:
This was a big book, with over 500 pages. I loved the character development and the world that the author created. As some times there was too much character development, but I feel like the characters are family, and I have known them forever. There is really a lot going on, and although the book could have been shorter, I am not sure that I want it to be. The magic, fighting and treachery were worth the length. Being the second book in a trilogy, this book really did not answer a lot of questions, but that is why book three leaves me waiting. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy, all opinions are my own.

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