Friday, June 7, 2019

Reading books

How to Enjoy Reading Books

It is simply a fact that there are people who enjoy reading and those who usually don’t even try to read a book. Books can be a pleasure to read because they can take you into another world and let you escape from your problems for awhile. Take a trip to your local library and enter into the cool and quiet space where there are many shelves all lined with books. Take a deep sniff and pick up the wonderful scent of the pages all filled with things to tell you. Of course, a book cannot speak it is an inanimate object but it speaks through the words of the author that wrote it. Let’s say you have seen a movie and you enjoyed the characters. You still won’t know everything there is to know about them unless you read the book that came before the movie. Decide what genres you enjoy like fiction, non-fiction, history, true stories, and such. Then take a look at what books are available in your chosen genre. You are sure to find something of interest and you can be sure once you begin reading you won’t want to put your book down. When you are at home find a quiet space all to yourself for reading where nothing will distract you. Make yourself some coffee or tea and have a freshly baked slice of crumb cake by your side. Then open your book and step into another world and you’ll leave the world you know behind for a while.

Why I Started Reading

There are many reasons that people begin reading for me it just came naturally from childhood once I learned to read. Later on, there were school books which I had to read for school which might not have interested me as much but were required. When I got the chance to make my own choices at first I chose to read novels. Some of the classics like books by Dickens caught my interest because there were so many fascinating fictional characters that I would otherwise never have known existed. If a book really held my interest I could read for hours. When I discovered Hollywood films created movies from some of the books I enjoyed I was overjoyed to see the characters I loved come to life on the big screen. I also discovered books that could teach me new things. I discovered that I enjoyed cooking by reading my first cookbook and making some of my first meals like shrimp risotto. It was interesting to see that I could create this meal by reading about it in the cookbook. Once I knew that I could find books in many different genres I was completely hooked and always looked for another book to enjoy once I finished reading the book I had previously chosen.

     The Benefits of Reading

Even though some people might not believe it, there are many benefits to reading. First of all after a stressful day a book will help you to relax. Books have the ability to take you far from reality depending on what you have chosen to read. When you begin you feel the stress of the day slipping away from you and your thoughts are now elsewhere. Books can educate you about things you did not know existed and offer you different thoughts and ideas. They can give your memory a boost and offer your vocabulary expansion. Keep a dictionary handy when you are reading to look up the words you discover and did not know before. Reading a book at bedtime will help you drift off to sleep quicker once your thoughts are not racing around thinking of the things you have to still do but have you concentrating on the story you are reading. Many books can be very entertaining and will provide you hours of entertainment where you use your imagination as to what is happening in the book.

    How to Make Reading Fun

Reading can be fun because there are so many books to choose from. You can start off with fiction and find yourself traveling around European countries in the pages of a book. Going to different libraries is fun too Seeing the architecture and design of the library and choosing a special book to read there. Reading can start you off on many different hobbies like arts and crafts or encourage you to try your hand at gardening or cooking. If you already enjoy cooking it can be fun trying different cuisines and making dishes like blackened shrimp which might not be something you thought you would try until you picked up that cookbook. Think about events in history that you are interested in and find a book that will tell you about them. If you like try some audio books where you can listen to the book and close your eyes and imagine what is happening. These are just some ways to make reading fun.

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