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Bigger and Badder by Jackson Kane Excerpt & Teaser

Bigger and Badder by Jackson Kane

Genre: Contemporary Romance Publication Date: October 25, 2016 BUY NOW LINKS COMING SOON!

The media calls me the Grim Reaper of Wall street.
I became the youngest billionaire in history because I'm ruthless—Bigger and Badder than my competition. That's also why I know investing in this small town's football stadium is a waste of my time.
What I didn't know was that she was living here.
Judy is the girl that got away. I've thought about her for years; the night when we danced together... how she felt in my arms.
Now, I finally have a chance to make her mine. But doing so means going all in on an investment that's doomed to fail.
And I never, ever fail.
Will she be the first person to make me?
This second chance love story has everything from a secret baby to a bad boy football player turned billionaire-bad-a*s. This full length standalone has absolutely NO cheating and comes with a sexy, heart-wrenching HEA. Looking for more hot billionaire action? At the end of Bigger and Badder is the standalone prequel- Billionaire Takes All- which includes a brand new sexy as sin epilogue that'll rock your world.


The elevator doors opened to a glassed-in foyer area with towels and an empty employee desk. Beyond the door and glass walls of the foyer were rows of free weights and exercise equipment. It was all right there and it went on forever. I thought the gym was going to be on floor twenty-four, but it turned out the entire floor was the gym.
Eerily, the floor seemed completely empty. It was the biggest hotel in our town, surely at least someone would've wanted to pop down for a quick jog. I walked past the foyer doors and picked up the subtle scents of chemical cleaners mixed with the bleach from the pool.
The weirdest thing by far was the music. Circle of Life wrapped up, then the song from Aladdin started playing, the “I will show you the world” one. Who the h*ll worked out to Disney music?
During the lull between the two songs, I heard a distant voice and made my way to it. As I rounded the enclosed pool, hot tub, and steam room areas, I realized the voice was that of a young, giggling girl and she was counting. There was also another sound that was out of place for a gym.
“Ten.” Bounce. “Eleven.” Bounce. “Twelve.” Bounce.
When I poked my head around the last corner I found that the noise came from a rubber ball, one you'd use as a kid to play dodge ball. The girl couldn't have been more than six or seven. The ball would land a few feet in front of her, bounce, she would catch it, then count and throw it back to—
Oh my...
Garrett Walker had his knees bent and was hanging upside down on a pull-up bar. He was shirtless with his arms stretched out toward his daughter. He caught the ball, then did a sit up. His abs tightened, his chest flexed and crushed together, and the muscles that ran up his sides bulged and heaved as he raised himself upright for another repetition. Once he tapped the ball on a bar high above his knees, he lowered himself back down and tossed the ball to his daughter.
He looked so much different than in my dream...




Jackson Kane

I'm a bad boy, an adventurer, a romance author and above all else hopeless romantic. I've been all around the world and met tons of amazing people and you know what I've found? I love readers the most. Books open our minds, make us feel things we never thought possible. You might not be able to travel the world, but that's why I'm here. In my books you'll meet my friends, lovers and all the wonderful people that inspire me every day and make life worth living. I'll show you what the world looks like through the eyes of a genuine Bad Boy. Come with me and read dangerously. My name’s Jackson Kane and I write Romance that’ll make you sweat.

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