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Past Lives Series - Loves of our Lives and Love by Knight by AC Chenier Interview, Excerpt, Teaser & Giveaway

Past Lives Series - Loves of our Lives and Love by Knight
by AC Chenier


GENRE:  Romance



The Past Lives series of books introduces two strong women who undergo dramatic changes in their lives when they learn about their soul's past. Through past life regression they learn of their own history and investigate the concept of soul mates reuniting through time. Read Loves of our Lives and Love by Knight to learn about Katie Benjamin and Kelly Taylor.


Excerpt One:

Loves of our Lives – Book 1

“I want you to think about some things over the next few days and weeks. I want you to clearly look inside yourself and ask what it is you want, not what anyone else wants or expects from you. Meditate on it. Pray on it, if that works for you. But make sure that any action you do or do not take is based on what is right and good for you. Not Katie. But the real and true you. You’re starting to see her in your life on a daily basis. Talk to her. Find out what she wants you to do. Then follow through on your heart and soul decision. Only then can you know that what you are doing is right for you, the true you. Not Catherine, not Elinor, not Katie, or any other human body you have inhabited. Do what is right for the authentic and real you.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

AC Chenier is the author of the Past Lives series of books, including Loves of our Lives and the forthcoming Love by Knight. The novels explore the fascinating spiritual world and the concept that we are all souls who have lived before, and that we reunite with our loved ones through time. The novels allow her to couple her long standing interest in the romance and fantasy genres with a passion for writing.  When she’s not busy typing away at her computer, you can find her with her horses or golf clubs.

Her books are available in paperback and ebook.



Where are you from?

I’m from Southern Ontario, specifically right now a little town 2 hours north east of Toronto called Lindsay. I’ve lived in Southern Ontario all of my life in various places around the Greater Toronto area. This includes a few years right in downtown Toronto as a student at the University of Toronto many years ago and again about ten years ago after getting divorced and wanting to experience city life again.  I love the vibe and energy of Toronto but now I find I can only deal with it for short periods. I guess that’s part of getting older. I admit I truly enjoy the slower pace of life I have here in cottage country.

Tell us your latest news?

Well, I guess this is my latest news, at least from a writing perspective. I’m doing this tour to promote my first two novels in the Past Lives Series, and most specifically the release of my second book “Love by Knight”. It’s in the final stages of production right now and I should have release details available before long.

I’m also in the process of writing the third book in the series. It’ll be a follow up to “Love by Knight”, featuring Jason Carter....and two powerful and exciting women who will lead him to discover new things about himself and the Knights Templar.

I also have a fourth book in late stages of the editing process, tentatively titled “That Muskoka Summer”.  It’s a completely different book, that I consider my “easy reading romance novel”. It’s a story about that guy, the one who got away, that summer romance that you now regret letting go, and what would happen if you encountered him again... years later, many life bruises later, and maybe, just maybe a little wiser. What would you do if you saw him again? I’m hoping to finish this one up over the fall.

Stay tuned to my Facebook page for updates on both of these future books.

When and why did you begin writing?

I’ve only been writing fiction work for the past couple of years. I started on “Loves of our Lives” in late 2014. I spent most of 2015 doing the rewrite and editing of that book, and writing “Love by Knight”.

As many who have followed my original virtual tours in February and March will recall, I started on my writing journey in 2012 when my husband passed away. That event forced me to reevaluate my life and led me to discover a whole new spiritual aspect and different way of looking at the world. Eventually I was introduced to the work of Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue and Dr. Brian Weiss. It was this last author/therapist who became the true inspiration for me to start writing. His book “Only Love is Real”, the true story of soul mates reuniting through time via his own therapy practice, truly inspired me to write the stories that I have so far. And there are more to come.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I’m not 100% sure when I made that leap from calling myself an accountant, to calling myself a writer. When was that first time that I answered the question of “What do you do?” with “I’m an author”, instead of my old standard of “consultant”.

I would say the first time it really hit me that I’m an honest to goodness author, was when the production proof of “Loves of our Lives” arrived in the mail. What an amazing experience to open that fateful envelope and see the cover that I’d chosen and my name on that cover. Then to open the proof, and see the words that I had written, re-written and edited over the year in print, in a real book..... that was the moment that I became a writer/ author.

What inspired you to write your first book?

As I mentioned earlier, it was Dr. Brian Weiss who was my inspiration to write my novels. His tale of soul mates finding each other in the most unlikely place and his description of his own slow realization that the hypnosis work he was doing with two patients was truly about joining two united souls, that was the real inspiration for me to write both of the first two novels.

Loves of our Lives” is the story of Katie Benjamin and her struggles understanding life and love after the terminal cancer diagnosis of her best friend. In many ways it is a story that is reminiscent of my own inner struggles as I sorted through my husband’s passing, and the changes in life that brought about. But it is definitely not completely based on my own life.

“Love by Knight” is more of an adventure/fantasy romance novel. It’s the story of Kelly Taylor and how she slowly reevaluates her own preconceived notions of life and love based on her experiences while touring Europe and Egypt. The inclusion of the Knights Templar is based on my own fascination with those men and all of the history tied their actions.

what would you like my readers to know?

I love to interact with readers. Please connect with me on Facebook. I truly enjoy reading about other people’s experiences with past lives. 

I’ve also started my own blog where I want to share other artist’s stories of how they journeyed from whatever profession they were trained in or made a living in to become an artist, whatever form that artistry takes. If you have an interesting story to share, please connect with me via Facebook or on my contact page at my webpage



AC Chenier will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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