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The Third Power By- Kelly Hess Interview

Eyes of the Enemy
BlackMyst Trilogy # 1
By- Kelly Hess
Genre- Middle Grade Fantasy
Published By- Booktrope Publishing 

When a rogue band of the dreaded Sorak attacks his village, twelve-year-old Beynn Firehand escapes into the darkness of BlackMyst Forest to find help. During his quest, Beynn discovers his own powerful magic abilities. The price of his newfound powers, however, may be higher than he ever imagined.


The Green Dagger
BlackMyst Trilogy # 2
By- Kelly Hess
Genre- Middle Grade Fantasy
Published By- Booktrope Publishing

Tensions rise between Delvengard and Sorak as the Sorak queen demands the return of the Blade of Torrill. As Delvengard scrambles to locate the mythical weapon, many fear war is inevitable.

Fritz, who secretly possesses the dagger, is tormented by its evil. Eager to take control of its power, he journeys in search of a mysterious being who may be able to help.

The Green Dagger, Book Two of the BlackMyst Trilogy, continues the adventure, five years after the events of Book One, Eyes of the Enemy.

The Third Power
BlackMyst Trilogy # 3
By- Kelly Hess
Genre- Middle Grade Fantasy
Published By- Booktrope Publishing

The struggle for the Dagger of Torrill has brought Delvengard and Sorak to war. But a long forgotten third power has risen, scheming to bring destruction to both kingdoms.

Meanwhile, Beynn and Fritz learn the full extent of the green dagger’s third power as they journey through BlackMyst and through time itself in this exciting conclusion to the BlackMyst Trilogy.


About the Author-
Kelly Hess grew up with a love of reading science fiction and fantasy, which inspired him to write his BlackMyst trilogy. Kelly currently lives with his wife and son in Vacaville, California.



1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I knew I wanted to be a writer just minutes after completing my first book. I wrote my first book as a gift to my son; something I knew he’d love to read, and at that point, I only knew I wanted to write a book. Upon completing that book, which became Eyes of the Enemy, the feeling of accomplishment was so strong and so wonderful that I knew that being a writer was what I wanted.
2. Do you write full time?
Along with being a house husband and a stay-at-home father, writing is my first job. I’d like to say I write whenever I have a free moment, but honestly, I tend to write in spurts. I’ll write non-stop for a week, then spend another week doing other things, but always thinking about what I wrote and what will come next.

3. How does this book differ from the others in your series?
The Third Power is the third book in the BlackMyst Trilogy. It’s a different book than the first two because Fritz has at last unlocked the full power of the green dagger and we get to see him wield that power. Also, Beynn has accepted who he is, and we get to see how he handles that.

4. Describe your main character?
Beynn Firehand is a boy who discovered at a young age that he is not the person he always believed he was. His world was turned upside down when he was only twelve and he struggled with accepting the burdens that came with his new life. In The Third Power, he’s grown a lot, and yet while he’s not who he thought he was, he manages to cling to his humanity and to his bonds of friendship with those he grew up with.

5. Who would you choose to play that character in the movie version?
Asa Butterfield – I think he’s a great actor and he’s pretty much how I imagine Beynn physically.

6. Who is your favorite author?
This is a hard question. I really don’t have a favorite author that I must read all their stuff. I guess I tend to “play the field” until I find a book I like. Sometimes it’s a bestseller, and sometimes it’s a first time writer. I will say that my favorite book is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, and I’ve read most of the books in his Enderverse.

7. If you could speak to them, what’s the one question you would ask?
Orson, I love your books. Would you like to read mine?

8. Do you have any advice for other authors?
My main advice for aspiring authors is to write. Then write some more. Write, write, write. Then go back and edit. Don’t get caught up in editing until you’re done writing. It only slows you down and interrupts your writing groove.
9. Anything you’d like to say to your fans?
Thank you so much for reading my books. It’s an honor when anyone takes the time to read something I’ve written. I truly hope you enjoy it.

10. What’s next for Kelly Hess?
Now that I’m finished with the BlackMyst series, I’ve been working on a stand-alone novel, another YA Fantasy. It’s very different from BlackMyst, but still lots of fun. BlackMyst was filled with magic. This one is non-magical, and I know some people will argue that you can’t have Fantasy without magic, but that’s what I’m calling it: Non-Magical Fantasy. So, there.
11. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
We’ve travelled quite a bit in Europe in recent years, and if I had to choose a place to live, I suppose I’d go with Tuscany, Italy. Absolutely the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

12. If you could choose a super power, what would that be?

Time-travel. Is that a super power? I’ve always been fascinated by the consequences and paradoxes that can be created by going back in time, which might become apparent in this book.

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