Saturday, November 15, 2014

At The Movies by Robin Caroll Review

Book Description

The first book in an exciting new series about a girl with dreams to become an investigative journalist, each book promises to touch on a crime straight from the headlines, while also tackling tough issues faced by middle-schoolers everywhere.
A new addition to the Faithgirlz! trusted brand of books introduces readers to Sam Sanderson, an independent, resourceful, tech-savvy cheerleader and aspiring journalist, and Sam's best friend Makayla. They're ordinary 7th graders who enjoy shopping, texting, and going to the mall-along with sniffing out the next big mysteries to report in the school paper.
In this first book of the series, Sam gets the lead on a developing and controversial story when an explosive device is discovered in a local movie theater-controversial because this movie theater has recently come under attack by a renowned, outspoken atheist, for allowing a local church to show Christian movies at the theater. Sam's family has always been strong in their walk with the Lord, and Sam knows what she believes, but for the first time her faith is really put to the test, especially when she compromises her ethics as a journalist when she reports on the case her father is overseeing for the police.
My review:
I really enjoyed this book. I liked that the book was a mystery with a young girl as the main character. This was also fun to read because Samantha wants to be a Journalist like her mom, but also part detective like her dad, who is a cop. That is why when a bomb is found she takes the opportunity to solve the crime. However she does not realize how much is at stake. If she succeeds then she will have the perfect article for her school paper. How far is she willing to go? There are discussion questions at the end and this is a perfect book for a book club of middle grade girls! I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

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