Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moustache Coffee Club Sidamo Coffee Review!

Truly Fresh Roasted Coffee

At the Moustache Coffee Club we are serious about our coffee, thats why we only send you single-origin, in-season, premium quality coffee beans. Our service was started out of frustration with paying a premium price but getting 2 week old stale coffee beans. That's why we are zealous about freshness and get our coffee to you in perfect time for you to start drinking it. Our coffee subscriptions always choose the best possible beans that match your taste. We buy our beans to order for you. This means that unlike other services which offer a "Roaster's Choice" we don't ship you the ends of the barrel or the beans that nobody wanted in our shop. We ship you the best beans freshly roasted. We guarantee it will be the best, most flavorsome coffee you've ever tasted, or double your money back!
This coffee was so GOOD! It was fruity and smelled so good. I got to grind the beans as I needed them, and they were extremely fresh. I love that the company tells you exactly where your beans came from, how they were processed, and when they were roasted. This has to be my second favorite coffee of all time. The taste was different, but tit was not overkill. I also really like the quirky name, and I smiled when the package came in the mail. I am giving this product a 5/5. I was given coffee to review, however all opinions are my own.

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