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The Photo Traveler by Arthur J. Gonzalez review and giveaway!

Book & Author details:

The Photo Traveler by Arthur J. Gonzalez
Publication: February 20th, 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal/Time Travel

Seventeen-year-old Gavin Hillstone is resigned to being miserable for the rest of his life. Left alone in the world after his parents died in a fire when he was four, he was placed in foster care, which for him meant ending up in an abusive home with an alcoholic adoptive father.

Gavin’s only escape is in taking and creating images. His camera is his refuge from the unending torture and isolation of daily life in his  “family.”

Until he learns by accident that he isn’t alone in the world after all. His father’s parents are still alive and living in Washington DC.

When he takes the plunge and travels 3,000 miles to find his grandparents, he learns that they—and he—are part of something much bigger, and more dangerous, than he could ever have imagined. Something that has always put his family at risk and that will now threaten his own life, while forever changing it.

He learns that he is one of the last descendants of a small group of Photo Travelers—people who can travel through time and space through images. But his initial excitement turns to fear, when he soon discovers that he and his grandparents are being pursued by the fierce remnants of a radical European Photo Traveler cult, the Peace Hunters. What Gavin has, they want!

His adventure will take him to past eras, like The Great Depression and the Salem Witch Trials. Gavin will have to discover who he really is and must make choices that spell the difference between life and death for himself, for the relatives he now knows and loves, and for the girl he will come to love.

For Gavin Hillstone, life will never be the same.



My name is Arthur J Gonzalez.  I’m 28 years old, born and raised in Miami, FL.  I graduated from the University of Florida.  I am currently   releasing my debut novel, The Photo Traveler.  The premise surrounds 17 – year old Gavin, who discovers he is part of a small group, called Photo Travelers, who can time travel through photos and images.

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My Review:
I love time travel books, and when I saw this I had to read it. How cool is it to time travel by looking at a photo? I have a lot of pictures and would love to travel back in time to some of them, especially when my dad was still alive. I could meet my relatives, and would love to do a family tree. Genelogy would be so easy to find out. I loved that there was a lot of history in this book, and Gavin traveled in time to see certain times in history, like the Salem Witch trials. 
As with most time traveling, once the past in changed the future also changes. This is not always for the better. I wondered if Gavin would stop the Kennedy assassination, then the US would have had all different Presidents, and laws. I can't imagine what could have happened. What about the future? Yo can also time travel with a drawing. But how do you draw history, and if you draw a future situation will it then turn into that situation. 
I can not wait for the next book to come out.
I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

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