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Twisted tales Blog Tour! Reviews, giveaways and more!

With A Kiss
Stephanie Fowers
Series: Twisted Tales, #1
Publication: April 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal (Faeries)

    There are seven rules of the faery kingdom that Halley Starr must never break:
    1. No trespassing sacred faery territory
    2. Don't ever say thank you
    3. Using a faery’s given name is a no-no
    4. Never break a promise to a faery
    5. Faery music is forbidden
    6. Resist all faery food
    7. And never, never fall in love with a faery

    But Halley is cursed. Yeah. No joke. She can barely survive Omak High with that shard of ice in her heart. How could she possibly be a proper godmother and stop Rumpelstiltskin from taking the heir of the faery kingdom? And let’s be honest, there is no way she’ll go with Goldilocks (some hot faery guy) who won’t bother telling Halley his name or that she looks like she’s talking to herself when he’s around. Not a chance.
    And really, who can blame her?
    If Halley wants her heart back again, she can’t worry about the rules…


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My Review:
First let me say that this book is appropriate for all ages and is a great edition to the faery tales of all time. I really liked it and got some laughs out of it. Even though it is based on tales that I already know, I was still finding myself surprised at times. The author did a fantastic job of creating a world that is relatable and believable. I love that Halley is in high school and is working at a "dead end" job. Little does she know what truly is in her future. In the beginning, I didn't think that she was ready, but as the book went on, I knew that this was her calling.
Hobs is also one of my favorite characters of all time! I would love to have a "Hobs" in my life. lol.
I am giving this book a 5/5 and definitely recommend this book to girls of all ages! My niece loves, and I mean LOVES this sort of stuff, and I can not wait to have her read it! She is a little young still (6) lol, but I will save it for her!
I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own ! :)

At Midnight
Stephanie Fowers
Series: Twisted Tales, #2
Publication: April 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal (Faeries)

    Stop the clock from striking twelve
Who is Bridgette anyway?
    1. Loser of Omak High
    2. Girl who rubs her fingers raw working fast food
    3. Victim of the evil stepmother who runs the group home
    4. Not-so-proud owner of a hearth where fire-starting goblins live
    5. Asylum wannabe with occasional schizophrenic episodes

    Not even Bridgette knows. Not that she can do anything about it. Besides, her godmother is supposed to save her, not the other way around! But Halley Starr is a little busy fighting Rumpelstiltskin flunkies and his beanstalk, so her godmother sends some rude faery guy to help Bridgette instead. It’s up to him to make sure she gets that true love’s kiss that will undo the banishment curse, except he seriously knows nothing about love or faery hunters, red riding hood, spindles…or high school!
    Excuse me?
    Even if he did, how is Bridgette supposed to find true love if everyone she loves disappears?


My Review:
This book is just as good as the first. Halley and Hobs are back! Yay! I liked how Halley was busy doing her own thing ( no more dead end job for her). I liked her more and more as the book went on. I was also happy to see Hobs up to his old tricks!
Bridgette is the center of this book and she is also a very fun character to read about. With Creatures and wolves and a marriage curse, I wasn't sure what to expect next. Yet again the author flowed the book well, and I found myself drawn to the characters. I could not wait for the end (only because I know there is a third book available!)! This book is also a keeper, and I know I will be discussing it in the future with my niece!
I am giving this book a 5/5!!!!!!!! I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own!


As the Sun Sets
Stephanie Fowers
Series: Twisted Tales, #3
Publication: April 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal (Faeries)

    Will it be happily ever after or the end?
    Daphne’s sister and stepsister are in big BIG trouble!

    1. It’s the third and final day
    2. Rumpelstiltskin plans to suck their powers dry
    3. The queen wants them dead
    4. The wolves switched sides
    5. The world is about to end
    6. And did they seriously expect to keep this all from Daphne?

    Oh yeah, A LOT of trouble! Daphne Starr pricks her finger on a spindle and it awakens the power that was always within her. That’s a big time no no! Now Rumpelstiltskin and some evil queen are after her. Even more annoying, the biggest player at Omak High is a shapeshifter and he goes beast on her, dragging her into a beanstalk and getting them stuck in a time-warp. He won’t stop asking her to marry him to get to her powers. I mean, give up already! Sure, it’s cool when she scores matching boots with the weirdo cat, and some cute faery guy accidentally tags along for the ride, but…
    Enough is enough already!
    Halley and Bridgette had better get her out of this—especially since she only has until the battery runs out of her cell phone before she loses…to a beast.


My Review:
Now I am sad :(. This is the last book and I can only wish that there will be more! I was not ready to say goodbye to Hobs and Halley. Bridgette was starting to grow on me as well. I loved the cell phone being her hourglass! What a cool idea. Definitely relates to me ( lol I never leave the house without mine)! Lol I also liked how they fought what they were wearing! Ha, typical teenagers! Even Angry Birds was mentioned in this book.
I would have not wanted the book to end any other way.... I was happy with all the characters and Dad Starr became my new favorite character! I also saw a way for the author to write another book in the series (hint, hint). lol
I am giving this book a 5/5 ! I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own!

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My Guest Post:
I was thinking of your thoughts on fairytales in today's world? Would it be like the fairytales or would the seven dwarves be playing their “Hi Ho” song on their iPads for example? How would she electronically update the most famous fairytales?

Well, first of all (with all due respect), it’s spelled faeries with an “e”—that’s how the faeries like it. And with that tiny, though crucial, detail out of the way, you are talking to a perpetual daydreamer, so yes, I DO believe in faerytales (or what other people might call chickflicks). Even though—come to think of it—no matter how many times I twist my ankle in a rainstorm, I never really meet any cute guys who sweep me off my feet and carry me to safety. No, my friends and family usually bail me out and there is nothing romantic about it at all.

Still . . . all around me are faerytales. Just up the street from me there is a tower that looks like the smokehouse of a factory, but I KNOW an evil witch lives there and she is just downright rude. I pointed out her place to one of my nephews and gave him the assignment of saving the princess who got herself trapped there. He looked quite alarmed and told me he was too young for those kinds of adventures, but I told him that we are never too young or too old for those kinds of adventures. I really don’t think he believed me, so he probably won’t save the poor princess for a couple of years. Poor girl.

Down the street from me is a “Bed and Breakfast,” where my kindly old grandfather lives. Sure, he doesn’t know he’s my grandfather, we’re not blood related, and he’s actually not kind, but he’s old and lives in a huge mansion and I know that one day I’ll be caught in a snow blizzard and have to seek refuge there where I will meet his rake of a ward—who is absolutely dreadful, so dreadful! But of course, his ward will turn good when I am in mortal danger—probably when I find the deed of the mansion and see that I am the rightful successor to grandfather’s money. We all know that I’ll be hunted down because of it and almost killed . . . by the seven dwarves. Playing “Hi Ho” on their iPads? Yeah, that makes sense. They’ll also be hiding behind dark and sinister sunglasses, and I’d only come upon them in the most dangerous of circumstances . . . probably involving the will. I’ll run for help at the tower owned by the witch (and get turned away by the girl my nephew refused to save).

Of course, this brings us to your last question about electronically updating the most famous faerytales. As we all know, electronics are devices stolen from faeries and hold magic in them. I’m reminded daily of this when my computer refuses to turn on and I’m forced to do a few ritualistic dances with the cord while shaking the monitor a couple of times. My cell phone is also a magical relic—I drop it and break the glass on it, but as long as I talk soothing words into the poor, broken thing, it will come back to life. So, as far as electronically updating the faerytales, yes, faeries have access to our magical gadgets. And instead of a mirror that sees all, our stories will be updated on the web and will act as a type of news feed, most likely giving away my location to the dwarves.

And that brings me full-circle to the ‘twisting my ankle in the rain’ scenario. Yes, to repeat my answer your initial question, I do believe in faertales. Sure. But happy endings? Well, like I said, my grandfather’s dangerous ward (Sebastian is his name and he has an eye-patch) always takes too long to come to my rescue and I’m pretty impatient, so I’ll probably just call one of my gal pals (with my phone gifted from the faeries). And she’ll get me out of the rainstorm instead—once again ruining the romance of the moment.

I’m sure this fine young prince comes seconds after I leave, crushing his hat in his frustration at missing me yet again. But hey, it happens. Faerytales and I kind of have a cat-and-mouse thing going on. It’s more fun that way. I mean, once you walk off in the sunset, you can’t have as many adventures, you know?

Stephanie Fowers loves bringing stories to life, and depending on her latest madcap ideas will do it through written word, song, and/ or film. She absolutely adores Bollywood and bonnet movies; i.e., BBC (which she supposes includes non-bonnet movies Sherlock and Dr. Who). Presently, she lives in Salt Lake where she's living the life of the starving artist. Stephanie plans to share more of her novels, films, and even a musical in the near future. May the adventures begin.

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  1. Hello! Thank you for your review -- and for putting it on amazon--I'm super grateful:-)
    And second of all, I LOVE that you're a dealsharing aunt. I am too. I specifically wrote these books for my nieces, so the fact that you'll pass this onto yours makes me WAY excited. Thank you again! And yeah, I really hope to write more on this series.