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The Deadly Daylight by Ash Harrier Review

12-year-old Alice has a hard time making friends. Maybe it's because she works in a funeral home and receives messages from the dead.

While the kids at school taunt her and call her “Alice in Zombieland," Alice England finds refuge at her father’s funeral home, where the dead tell her stories. As she arranges the deceased’s personal mementos, an item will hum with meaning–resonance–and Alice will see the story of their life.

When she "meets" George Devenish, a man who died of a rare sunlight allergy, Alice knows George was murdered. Her only leads are George’s niece, “Violet the Vampire,” who shares her uncle’s allergy and a friendly, but secretive boy named Cal.

As a determined Alice investigates, she is surprised to find Violet and Cal become more than just suspects, but allies—maybe even friends. However, Alice soon finds navigating her first real friendships might be harder than solving a murder.

Clever humor and twisty clues abound in this cozy middle grade mystery about a group of misfits finding courage in the truth and friendship in each other. Delightful, dark, and quirky, The Deadly Daylight is perfect for fans of Nancy Drew and Winterhouse.

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About the Author: 
Ash Harrier lives in Perth, Western Australia. She is an Ambassador for the Books in Homes Australia charity, which helps children in disadvantaged circumstances build their home libraries. Ash has a great fondness for puzzles, scientific facts, birds and the smell of dried tea. Some of her favorite pastimes are reading, daydreaming and spending time in the garden with her small flock of hens.

This was a fun read that kept me interested. I was interested in the who the killer was and in the victims illness. I also liked how all the characters were intertwined. Violet and Alice are not popular kids, and they make a bond that that is everlasting. Alice is fun because she works in the funeral home, and has some special abilities. I also really liked the secondary characters like Cal and Alice's dad. I can tell that there will be many more mysteries and adventures for these kids! I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy to review, however, all my opinions are my own. 

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