Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Some (Amazing) People I Know by Keith Maginn Review

Addicted to crack cocaine, Martin ate food from garbage cans until turning his life around and mentoring young men. Beth was living the American dream, loving husband and five kids, before tragedy struck, forcing her to sink or swim. Curt was content with his life until a plane crash changed everything and he was forced to reorganize his priorities.
These are just a few of the engaging, true accounts in SOME (AMAZING) PEOPLE I KNOW. This soul-stirring book tells seven diverse stories, ordinary people until significant challenges proved them extraordinary. SOME (AMAZING) PEOPLE I KNOW, both heartbreaking and heartwarming, is transformative and will renew readers’ hope for humanity.
About the Author:
Keith Maginn feels writing to help and inspire others is his life’s purpose. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, the youngest of four children, Keith attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, as an Evans Scholar. After earning his bachelor’s degree in sociology, he relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee, to work for AmeriCorps and Habitat for Humanity.
After spending ten years in Tennessee, Keith returned to Cincinnati, where he enjoys being surrounded by family and friends. Writing is his passion, and he also likes sports, meditation, yoga, reading and live music. In addition to writing, Keith currently flies around the world as a flight attendant.
Keith released TURNING THIS THING AROUND, an inspiring self-help memoir of overcoming personal struggles, in December 2010. In January 2013, he self-published GOODWILL TOUR: PAYING IT FORWARD, detailing a 3,000-mile philanthropic pay-it-forward road trip through the southeastern United States. (EXTRA)ORDINARY: INSPIRATIONAL STORIES OF EVERYDAY PEOPLE, released by KiCam Projects in August 2016, tells seven inspirational stories of people the author knows personally. A spin-off of book three, (EXTRA)ORDINARY: MORE INSPIRATIONAL STORIES OF EVERYDAY PEOPLE, highlights ten remarkable individuals from all over the world and was released in October 2017. (All four books are available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.com or at keithmaginn.com.)
My Review:
This is an amazing book about how you can overcome anything, if you are willing to try. From illnesses to plane crashes, these people are truly amazing. I loved that the author had quotes from the people involved in the stories. It was nice to hear straight from them. I also really liked that at the end of the stories there is a section on where to find more information. Whether it be donating, becoming more informed or just donate you time, as one put it. There were even youtube videos that you could watch. I am giving this book a 5/5, I was given a copy, all opinions are my own.

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