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Terror by Eamonn Hickson Giveaway & Interview

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by Eamonn Hickson
Adult Thriller
Paperback & ebook, 336 pages
April 29th 2017
Have you ever felt that society consciously tries to undermine you?

In a society where everyone strives for growth, where everyone tries to build towards the heavens, there are some who wish to bring it plummeting down.

Terror is a thriller in which three people from different walks of life find a common enemy in the contemporary world. Yet, unlike most, they decide to do something about it.

Following his best friend’s death, military man Milton Haynes is forced to see a psychiatrist while he challenges his dishonourable discharge. Ally Winston, one year after being viciously assaulted, struggles to slot into the life her father has laid out for her, while Nestor Frings returns to Boston to find his parents have sold their home due to financial issues.

The three initially voice their pains through non-violent means, however, they soon find their efforts futile. In a world where outsiders are considered dangerous and are not to be trusted, it will be the insiders who do the damage. Follow Milton, Ally and Nestor as they come to, what they perceive to be, the inevitable conclusion: they must commit a terror attack.

Praise for the Book

“Eamonn Hickson brings the fascinating, dingy, and complex streets of Boston alive in his new novel TERROR, a probing novel of survival in the modern world. TERROR is a masterful portrait of the hard decisions and harder lives that must be lived during a dark time in American history – the present.” — Self-Publishing Review

Reviews of the Author's Other Work

“…a suspense thriller with a fascinating version of heaven versus hell that lingers after closing the pages.”

“Eamonn Hickson writes a vivid story of a war between angels and demons, and Heaven and Hell. The story captivates the audience as you witness deception, lies, and Heavenly Hosts that are working for the enemy.”

“Find yourself enmeshed in a roller coaster ride to a mind-numbing conclusion that will remain with you many a day to come.”

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About the Author

Eamonn Hickson is an Irish author of three novels. He currently works as a radio journalist in Tralee, Co Kerry.


1.      Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?
The plan was to write standalone books. However, that’s changed with my latest release. I feel there’s another story to tell involving some of the characters in this novel and if I were to move onto something different, it’d be a storyline that I wouldn’t be able to seamlessly grasp onto again. So, in short, I’m trying to create connected stories. More on this in a later question.
2.      What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. It’s one of my favorites of all time. And while I know it received quite a bit of good press, I still feel it didn’t get what it deserved. The film—while being enjoyable—failed to grasp the enormity of spirit and genius that was inherent in the book.
3.      As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?
My avatar would be young panda with an attitude problem. From the outside you’d want to spend time with me, but that might change when you get to know me. Also, I’m endangered!
4.      What did you edit out of this book?
The bad stuff I hope! I ‘lost’ about 12,000 words in the second draft alone, but most of it was overwriting. As for storyline and plot, I edited out a number of scenes that didn’t advance the story and only served to slow it down. Like an old river, the plot meandered in places; unlike an old river, I cut out the waffle to get to the point quicker.
5.      If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?
There’s no doubt I’d be a civil engineer. My first career was halted with our most recent recession in the late 2000s. Up until that point, I enjoyed being an engineer and, were it not for the economic downturn, I’d still be in the construction industry.
6.      Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

If I tell you, they won’t be secrets any longer! I have hidden a few references to past work in my latest novel. Characters, places and events cross over in parts. However, as I don’t dwell on the moments or interactions, it would take quite the reader to notice them. Also, being the nerd that I am, I’ve placed a few items in Terror that will relate to future work—even stuff I haven’t thought about yet. I like to think of it as leaving a few hidden strings dangling so I can grab them in the future. Great question!


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