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The Charm Offensive by Cari Lynn Webb Interview & Giveaway

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The Charm Offensive
by Cari Lynn Webb
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
July 1st 2017 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Winning her over means winning everything

Sophie Callahan is PI Brad Harrington’s best lead to tracking down the man he’s been hired to bring to justice: Sophie’s own thieving father. But when Brad arrives at The Pampered Pooch, just behind a litter of stray kittens, the pet-store owner is the big surprise. This scrappy, huge-hearted woman with charm to spare gets to Brad in a way no one has ever been able to before. She spends her life finding—and making—homes for others: abandoned pets, her young niece. He’ll have to tell her why he’s really here. Which means he’ll have to choose between his sail-away dreams and the chance to build a forever home—with her.

About the Author

Cari Lynn Webb lives in South Carolina with her husband, daughters and assorted four-legged family members. She's been blessed to see the power of true love in her grandparent's 70 year marriage and her parent's marriage of over 50 years. She knows love isn't always sweet and perfect, it can be challenging, complicated and risky. But she believes happily-ever-afters are worth fighting for. She loves to connect with readers. Visit her at her website.


1.       Does writing energize or exhaust you? Both. A good writing day brings its own whirl of energy that helps the words skip onto the page. After a good writing session, I’ve walked away from the computer mentally tired, but excited for the story. On bad writing days, it takes extra energy to keep my fingers on the keyboard and my eyes on the screen. But when I step away from my desk after a bad writing day and can still check off something on my to-do list, I’m energized that I pushed through and ready to get back to the story the next day.
2.       How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have? I have a collection of unpublished books that span several romance categories: historical, paranormal and contemporary. We just moved into a new house last week and I came across my very first manuscript in one of the attic boxes. I took it out, dusted it off and repacked it into a sturdier box for safe-keeping. That one is definitely for my eyes only.
3.       What literary pilgrimages have you gone on? I haven’t been on any literary pilgrimages per se. But I can say that I’ve been inspired to write certain stories after visiting special places like Scotland. The Charm Offensive is set in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities and one that I was fortunate to call home for several years.
4.       As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal? A dragon because my daughter and I love dragons and we love to read paranormal and fantasy. And yes, we do believe in magic 😊
5.       If you didn’t write, what would you do for work? I was a small business owner for 17 years with my brother. We sold our business two year ago and I’ve been lucky to be able to focus on my writing more. I have a secret desire to go to culinary school and become a chef. I want to learn how to take six random ingredients and put them together to create a tasty and filling dinner. I also like to bake so learning to become a pastry chef would be really fun too.
6.       What is your favorite childhood book? I have too many to list only one and now with two daughters, I’ve been lucky to get to read a whole new round of children’s books. But in my favorite list I’d put: The entire collection of Dr. Seuss books. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. A Wrinkle in Time byMadeleine L'Engle. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

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  1. Thanks for having me here today! The interview was fun! Happy 4th of July!

  2. I think the cover is amazing.

  3. I love everything I have read. I also live in South Carolina. A 70 year marriage is remarkable as well is 50 years. (