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Dead Air and Double Dares by Janis Thornton Giveaway & Interview

Dead Air and Double Dares
by Janis Thornton

Many twists and turns takes the reader along the trail as Crystal searches for clues to exonerate her friend Cliff and maybe even
~The Journey Back
This is a fast paced story with all the elements devoted cozy readers clamor for. The deadly deeds are backed up with subtle humor and lovably quirky characters.
~Laura’s Interests
Watching Crystal both clear her name and uncover the real killer is an exciting and entertaining adventure. A super pick-me-up!
~Back Porchervations

Dead Air and Double Dares by Janis Thornton
Cup of Tea Books, an imprint of PageSpring Publishing (June 18, 2017)
Number of Pages 310
Crystal Cropper, editor of the Elmwood Gazette, has added incentive in finding out who killed Horace Q. Ogilvie, owner of the local radio station and the most reviled man in town. Horace turns up dead minutes before he is supposed to broadcast his next malicious editorial, designed to destroy yet another Elmwood luminary. Fortunately for the police department, Horace’s list of future targets provides an abundant pool of suspects. Unfortunately for Crystal, her name is at the top!
About This Author
Janis Thornton is a freelance writer, personal historian, and award-winning journalist. She is the author of two local history books, Images of America: Tipton County and Images of America: Frankfort. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, the Indiana Writers Center, Association of Personal Historians, and the Midwest Writers Workshop Planning Committee. She lives in a small Indiana town not unlike Elmwood. Dust Bunnies and Dead Bodies is her debut cozy mystery.


Where are you from?
I’m a Hoosier through and through. Except for the twenty-one years I lived in Los Angeles, I’ve lived in Central Indiana all my life, which is real handy, since both of my cozy mysteries are set in a small, Central Indiana town much like the one I call home.

Tell us your latest news.
My second book in the Elmwood Confidential series, Dead Air and Double Dares, was released June 19! Back are the characters who populated the first book, Dust Bunnies and Dead Bodies. In Book 2, Elmwood Gazette editor Crystal Cropper returns to figure out who killed her news rival and most detested man in town, Horace Q. Ogilvie, owner of the local radio station. Because Ogilvie had a habit of turning his morning, on-air editorials into character assassinations of undeserving Elmwood luminaries, there’s no shortage of suspects. Unfortunately for Crystal, she’s one of them.

When and why did you begin writing?
Looking back, I’d have to say I started writing because it was just something I had to do. It came naturally. As an only child, writing was something I did to amuse and entertain myself. Growing up, I wrote plays, little stories, and poetry. I was in seventh grade when I snagged my first publishing credit in a national poetry anthology for junior and senior high school students. The poem was about my dog, and I can still recite it… just ask! I always wrote but didn’t get serious about creative writing until I was almost 40 and signed up for a non-credit, fiction-writing class at a nearby college. After the first class meeting, I was hooked.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
There’s no magical moment when it’s okay for a writer to decide she’s a writer. The clouds don’t suddenly part and swaddle you in a bright beam of light while choirs of angels sing. No. I think the only prerequisite for considering yourself a writer is that you write. … But to be honest, it took me a few years to come to that realization. It wasn’t until I had my first piece published — a personal essay about a life-changing incident — in the Indianapolis Star in 1996 did I feel worthy of calling myself a writer. But I have been a writer all my life.

What inspired you to write your first book?
I’ve been obsessed for years with writing about the 1965 murder of my high school classmate. I made several attempts at fictionalizing her story as a mystery, starting as long ago as the mid-1990s. I actually finished that story in 2005, and today it sits on my hard drive gathering cobwebs. It was a great exercise that taught me many lessons. It inspired me to write another novel, which I finished and pitched to PageSpring Publishing in early 2014. That book became Dust Bunnies and Dead Bodies, the precursor to my new book, Dead Air and Double Dares.

Do you have a specific writing style?
My style has been influenced by my journalism and business-writing background — write tight, be direct, don’t write “visualization” when “see” will do … things like that. I tend to use humor in all my communications, so I can’t help but inject humor into my characters’ conversations and situations. And because I’ve lived in Indiana for most of my life, I’m quite familiar with the local vernacular, which I fold into the dialogue to add realism and folksy vitality.

How did you come up with the title?
The original working title of my first book was The Case of the Diligent Dustbuster. It gave way to Deadline for Murder to reflect the profession of its protagonist, a newspaper editor. After a while, for no particular reason, that title morphed into Dateline Murder. Brilliant as I thought it was, it too stepped aside when I came up with Elmwood Confidential, which I thought was a clever play off the Hollywood blockbuster crime drama, L.A. Confidential. I was convinced that was the title my book cover would forever bear. But PageSpring Publishing insisted on a cozier title, so Elmwood Confidential became the series name and they titled the book, Dust Bunnies and Dead Bodies. It certainly worked for me. My original “dust” allusion had come full circle. As for the title of my new book, Dead Air and Double Dares, it is the creation of the publisher. It hearkens back to the title of the first book and alludes to the local radio station, which is integral to the book’s storyline.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
I didn’t set out to deliver any kind of social commentary with my writing. I just wanted to tell an entertaining story and give readers a chuckle. But as I was moving through Book 1 (Dust Bunnies and Dead Bodies), I realized a theme was emerging, and it was about friendship and watching out for the welfare of people you care about. In addition, because most of my main characters are active, vibrant, strong-minded Boomers, I hope they will inspire a new understanding about older adults by dispelling the myth that they are quirky and out of the mainstream.

What would you like my readers to know?
I would like them to know that I’m having the time of my life writing the Elmwood Confidential series. Nothing has given me greater satisfaction or more fun. I’m so appreciative to readers who take a chance with it. Additionally, I would like you to know how much I appreciate this opportunity to visit online with you and your readers. Thank you!

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