Sunday, May 7, 2017

Page-Turner Giveaway Hop #TeamAri #pageturnerhop

Join us for the first annual Page-Turner Giveaway Hop hosted by Savings in Seconds.  

I have always read. I must admit though that there are a few books that make me read non stop. Stephen King is one of them. Once I get reading one of his books, I can not stop. Since I have started reviewing books on this blog, I have found other authors that I end up reading their books in a day or two. These are just a few:

Steena Holmes: Her Abby Series is the first book that I read in 1 day in a long time. On my kindle no less. I cried and laughed and needed to know what was going to happen to Abby.

Taylor Lavati: Her Cursed Book Series kept me reading all three books right after another. I loved Ryder and I needed to keep reading to see who would win the battle and if the curse would be broken. Plus I loved the mythology. 

Another that I devour is:
Michael Phillips Cash: Check out Stillwell!  

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