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The Embodied Trilogy by JB Dutton Giveaway, Interview & Excerpt

The Embodied Trilogy
Special Edition Ebook Collection
JB Dutton

Genre: Urban fantasy / science fiction

Date of Publication: July 11, 2016

ISBN: 9780991791842

Number of pages: 560
Word Count: 183,094

Cover Artist: Alexandra Nereuta

Follow Kari's exciting adventure in in one special edition of all three ebooks, including bonus author insights, deleted scenes and a treasure hunt quiz..

The Embodied trilogy is an unusual web of adventure, romance, fantasy, and science fiction.

Prep school student Kari Marriner is swept up in a mystery that fast becomes a thrilling adventure when she discovers that mysterious aliens called the Embodied and their pseudo-religion, the Temple of Truth, been influencing her family’s life for decades. She soon finds herself battling dragons, unicorns, and nefarious angels on the streets of New York and in the catacombs of Paris, while having her emotions torn by a handsome alien and a jealous boyfriend. In a final showdown, she must travel to the creatures’ home in the dark universe and make a heart-wrenching choice: rescue her mother or save the Earth.
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The first sensation was my stomach lurching and spinning. Then I seemed to be plunging dizzily while simultaneously zooming higher on some kind of impossible rollercoaster ride. And suddenly I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was separated from any kind of physical reality, like – oh… oh wow – like I was totally disembodied. I could sense things but not see them with my eyes. I had… a sort of mathematical awareness, as though I was plugged directly into the mainframe of a supercomputer the size of the universe, my mind swimming in pure information. Geometric shapes twinkled in and out of existence. Lines and points moved around in constant motion. It felt like a dream made of numbers… patterns and data combining and separating. Spirals within spirals and symmetries within symmetries.

Silent Symmetry
The Embodied Trilogy
Book One
JB Dutton

Genre: Urban fantasy / science fiction

Date of Publication: January, 2013

ISBN: 9780991791804
ASIN: B00B0534UC

Number of pages: 194
Word Count: 54,359

Cover Artist: Alexandra Nereuta

Book Description:

Kari Marriner’s earliest memory is her father’s death in a car crash back in small-town Wisconsin. Now, 12 years later, her mother has been hired by a pseudo-religious organization in Manhattan called the Temple of Truth (a.k.a. the ToT). At Chelsea Prep, Kari develops a crush on classmate Cruz. But when she realizes that Noon, another attractive guy at school, is involved with the ToT, her curiosity gets the better of her.

Kari stumbles upon a secret tunnel leading from her apartment to another in the building, where an ancient book holds images she can scarcely believe, and a cavernous room contains... something inexplicable. As Kari pieces together the incredible evidence, she discovers that the ToT is run by other-worldly beings called The Embodied who influence human behavior and have established a global long-term human breeding program. But why? And what is her role in all this?

Just as she starts wondering whether the love she feels for Cruz is genuine or if her emotions are being controlled by The Embodied, her mother is kidnapped and Kari has to figure out who is human, who is Embodied, and who she can count on to help rescue her mother.

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When I got in, the apartment was empty. I dumped my stuff and had a shower. I only realized as I was drying my hair that the apartment was really empty. Flash wasn’t there. The hairdryer was his nemesis, and the feud had being going on since he was traumatized by it as a kitten. But he couldn’t resist confronting it. Whenever I blow-dried my hair he would freak, hissing and arching his back, fur standing on end. But not this time.

Starley’s Rust
The Embodied Trilogy
Book Two
JB Dutton

Genre: Urban fantasy / science fiction

Date of Publication: January 2015,
second edition April 2016

ISBN: 9781311725493

Number of pages: 206
Word Count: 60,934

Cover Artist: Alexandra Nereuta

Book Description:

Six months ago, Kari Marriner’s life was torn apart. Now turned 17, she’s looking for answers in her rural Wisconsin hometown. But just as the Embodied seemed to have vanished, there’s a new, more terrifying visitor from the Dark Universe.

Back in Manhattan, a charismatic English artist named Starley convinces Kari he can find her missing mother if she flies to Paris with him. He also shares an incredible secret from the dawn of mankind. But Starley is not who he seems. Before she knows it, Kari finds herself standing in front of the Mona Lisa with him, yelling out, “He’s got a bomb!”

And that’s when things go totally insane. The Rebel Embodied’s henchman, Cilic, returns to Earth on a deadly mission. The body of Kari’s treacherous friend Aranara is washed up on the banks of the Hudson. But is she really dead? In the Paris catacombs, Kari and Starley are hunted by a nightmarish mythical creature that’s all too real.

A family mystery, an exiled race, freakish beasts, jealousy, love… and death. Kari has to face them all in this fast-paced fantasy thriller.

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The sun was setting behind the buildings. A big barn with half the roof missing. A grain silo. A couple of smaller shed-type buildings, one with no door, the other with the door hanging off its hinges. And a farmhouse. Windows shattered. Front door gawping at me. I gulped and sent an ILY back to Cruz. He liked those.

Diamond Splinters
The Embodied Trilogy
Book Three
JB Dutton

Genre: Urban fantasy / science fiction

Date of Publication: May, 2016

ISBN: 9780991791835

Number of pages: 212
Word Count: 62,257

Cover Artist: Alexandra Nereuta

Book Description:

Prep school senior Kari Marriner has a heart-wrenching choice to make: rescue her mother or prevent aliens destroying the Earth.

Having faced down mythical beasts and trans-dimensional villains, Kari has finally unraveled the mystery of the cult-like Temple of Truth and found the diamond sphere that can free her mother from the evil clutches of the Thoth high priests. But to find out how to use the sphere, Kari must team up with the one person she can never trust: Aranara, the treacherous sister of her missing soulmate Noon.

When a submarine trip to the bottom of the Hudson River ends in death and disaster, Kari is scarred, both emotionally and physically. She wants to run and hide but digs deep and finds new sources of inner strength. As the storm of the century hits New York, a child’s life hangs in the balance and Kari gambles everything in a final confrontation with the genocidal Thoth.

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Aranara pushed at the hatch. Nothing happened. Whether it was the water pressure or some safety mechanism I don’t know, but she stopped trying and went back to the control panel. The sub reversed. I looked through the transparent bottom and saw Noon’s pyramid coming back into view. As soon as it was directly beneath us, she climbed onto her chair and aimed the gun at the globe-shaped acrylic window. With a surge of terror, I realized what she was about to do.

About the Author:

After graduating from film school in London, England, JB Dutton emigrated to Montreal in 1987, where he still lives with his two young children and their even younger goldfish. He spent over a decade as a music TV director before moving into the advertising industry as an award-winning copywriter for clients such as Cirque du Soleil. JB Dutton has written novels, short stories, blogs, screenplays and a stage play. He also writes adult fiction under the name John B. Dutton.


Professional Facebook page:

Twitter handle: @JohnBDutton

Where are you from?
I was born near Liverpool, grew up in small towns in the south west of England and then attended university in London. Right after graduation (actually before – I didn’t even stick around to get my grad photo!) I moved to Montreal, Canada, where I’ve lived ever since.
Tell us your latest news?
I’m excited to be releasing my Embodied trilogy of YA sci-fi fantasy novels as a special edition ebook collection (more info on what makes it special below). BUT… I’ve also started writing another Embodied story set in ancient Egypt involving some familiar characters and some new ones. This will be the first of several Embodied stories set in different eras that will have less science fiction content than the original trilogy and more historical fantasy. I’m very curious to know what readers will think!
When and why did you begin writing?
I always wanted to be a writer (in parallel to my dream of playing soccer for Liverpool that in fact was more fantasy than my stories are!) and puttered around writing derivative novels and stories as a pre-teen and teen in England. I have a degree in Film and Television so when I moved to Canada I started working on screenplays and drama but always loved fiction. I’m so grateful that I can write for a living every day!
When did you first consider yourself a writer?
There were three different events that combined to make me add “Writer” to my email signature: Back in 1998 I wrote a stage play that was produced to some acclaim in Montreal, and then a couple of years later I received two grants to write a screenplay. All this time I was also writing short stories and my first novel, but what clinched it for me was taking the plunge to become a freelance marketing copywriter (ads, websites, stuff like that) in 2005 because that was the point when all my time was spent writing and all my income came from it.
What inspired you to write your first book?
My first (unpublished) novel was called Snax. It’s a sci-fi satire about an alien who arrives on Earth looking for edible animals he can market as yummy snacks back on his home planet. The edible animals end up being humans! I’m pretty sure the book was inspired by my love of speculative fiction set on Earth (Doctor Who, John Wyndham’s books, HG Wells, Frankenstein, etc.) and the fact that I’ve been vegetarian since I was 19 years old.
Do you have a specific writing style?
No. First of all, the medium dictates style to a certain extent, so screenplays obviously don’t require the same style as novels. Then the genre has an impact too. I really like writing in different styles. I know some authors have their own distinctive style, but I would get bored writing the same way all the time.
How did you come up with the title?
The Embodied trilogy sort of speaks for itself, as the Embodied are the mysterious group of aliens living on Earth in my trilogy. The titles of each of the trilogy’s three books came about in very different ways. The first, Silent Symmetry, simply came to me when I created the symmetrical Embodied beings who can communicate telepathically with each other (and I love the title’s rhythm and letter “S” alliteration). The title for book 2, Starley’s Rust, literally came to me in a dream, along with the main character, Starley. It’s kind of crazy, but there you go! And for book 3, Diamond Splinters, I actually tested three different titles with fans, friends and strangers before nailing that one down. Diamonds have a big part to play in all the books.
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Yes! Perfection and beauty are two completely different things and you shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t look like someone else’s definition of perfection. (Photoshopped images of models male or female… Boo! Hiss!)
How much of the book is realistic?
The books in the trilogy are mainly set in present-day New York City, Lancaster, WI and Paris. The human characters have realistic motivations and behavior, but obviously there’s a sci-fi fantasy element to the books, so you never know when something other-worldly is going to crop up. Do we get to visit the Dark Universe where the Embodied are from? You’ll have to read the books to find out!
Are the experiences in your book based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
Nope. Although I do love French cheese. J
What books have most influenced your life?
Oooohhh… how to answer that?!! Here’s a smattering of titles, but honestly I could have picked a bunch of different ones: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Don Quixote, Philosophy in the Flesh, Lolita, Alice in Wonderland, Generation X, House of Leaves, How the Mind Works, Atonement, Great Apes, Interview with the Vampire… can I stop now?
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Oh, great! Just when I thought I was out of the woods. I think I’d have to go for Nabokov. Douglas Adams too. Can I have two names? Please?
What book are you reading now?
A Tale of Two Cities, The Corrections, Time Reborn. I always have more than one on the go.
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
Jonathan Franzen, Michelle Hodkin
What are your current projects?
Apart from the Embodied story set in ancient Egypt that I mentioned above, I’m also working on a series of novellas set in Victorian Montreal that fall under the newly defined genre of dreadpunk. They are gothic horror stories with very realistic historical backdrops featuring deadly disease, engineering marvels, economic upheaval and dark family secrets. I’m really into them, but have put them on hold temporarily because I want to focus on the Embodied while the trilogy is being launched.
What would you like my readers to know?

First off, that book 1 of the Embodied trilogy, Silent Symmetry, is now priced at free for the ebook. Secondly, that if you sign up for my author newsletter, I’ll also send you a free ebook of the sequel, Starley’s Rust. Thirdly, that the Embodied trilogy special edition ebook collection is special because it includes deleted scenes (basically an alternate ending) from book 3, Diamond Splinters, as well as a brand new foreword with author insights and a fun quiz/treasure hunt. Oh yeah, and during my blog tour, the trilogy ebook is priced at 20% off ($7.99 instead of $9.99). Enjoy!

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