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The Way of Escape by Kristen Reed Excerpt, Guest Post & Giveaway

The Way of Escape
The Clara Robinson Series
Book One
Kristen Reed

Genre: Vampire/Horror
Christian Fiction

Date of Publication: May 1, 2016

ASIN: B01DQ1V314

Number of pages: Appx 255
Word Count: 67,196

Formats available: Kindle eBook

Cover Artist: Photo by Galyna Andrushko

Book Description:

When the leader of a vampire coven tells Clara Robinson that she's a dhampir, he gives her an impossible choice: Keep her mortality and live as a slave or become a vampire be free. A vampire visiting the coven complicates matters by revealing that she can liberate all of the slaves by parting with her humanity and becoming a vampire. This news forces Clara to examine her faith and decide if she should risk her eternal soul to save the humans or give up her freedom to serve by their side.

“Come in,” a male voice called.
Lisette pushed open the door and gestured for me to enter. I hesitantly tiptoed into the room and jumped slightly much as the other woman had, my heart skipping a beat when she shut the door behind me and left me alone with the two strange men who occupied the large living area. The first man stood by the fireplace taking a sip from a glass of red wine. Long black curls cascaded down his back and nearly blended in with the expertly tailored tuxedo he wore just as his button down shirt almost disappeared into the pale skin of his neck.
When the man set the glass on the mantle, I finally got a good look at his surprisingly youthful, heart-shaped face as he licked the wine from his Cupid’s bow lips. After he finished savoring his wine, which he barely seemed old enough to drink, he opened his blue eyes and fixed me with an inquisitive yet predatory stare that made me shiver despite the heat coming from the lit fireplace. I suddenly knew how a gazelle felt after capturing the unwanted attention of a cheetah during a stroll across the savannah.

About the Author:

Kristen Reed, a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, is an artist, filmmaker, and author from Dallas, Texas. As a Christian, her faith influences her writing and is the driving force in her life.

Tour giveaway

5 autographed, print copies of The Way of Escape

Escape to Haiti

The protagonist of my new novel, The Way of Escape, and I both have something very cool in common. At the beginning of the book, Clara Robinson gets kidnapped by vampires while she’s on a mission trip in Haiti, which takes her from one environment where she’s a little outside of her comfort zone to a dark corner of the world that she wasn’t even aware of. While I’ve (thankfully) never been abducted by vampires, I too have traveled to Haiti with my church, and actually edited The Way of Escape while I was in Haiti on the trip. Here are a few things that I learned and experienced in Haiti plus some pictures from my journey.


1.      Haiti is a beautiful country. While we spent most of our time in different villages, my group spent our final day at a gorgeous resort (above), where we were surrounded by majestic mountains and gorgeous clear water. Unfortunately, Clara was snatched by Emmanuel’s coven before she could have her much-needed day of relaxation.

2.      Clean water isn’t a given in Haiti. My team spent a couple of days going door to door in villages teaching people about how to sanitize their water by boiling it or using purification tabs. My group also made water filters one day (above) and taught some villagers how to use them. The idea was that we wanted to empower the Haiti people to care for themselves by giving them the knowledge and beginning tools so they could invest in their futures and lift one another up. In the book, you’ll find out that Clara actually spent her time in Haiti doing the same thing.

3.      Malaria is a real concern. Everyone going on the trip was advised to get some sort of malaria protection (vaccine or pills), wear mosquito repellant, and use mosquito netting on our bunks (pictured above). I went overboard and used 98% DEET, so my skin broke out for most of the trip. Thankfully the malaria pills I took didn’t cause any unfortunate side effects.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about my time in Haiti, I hope you’ll dive in to The Way of Escape and learn about Clara’s unconventional experience.

♦             ♦             ♦

Kristen Reed, a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, is an artist, filmmaker, and author from Dallas, Texas. As a Christian, her faith heavily influences her writing and is the driving force in her life.

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