Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Atonement by Beverly Lewis Book Review

The Atonement by Beverly Lewis

Troubled by past transgressions, twenty-five-year-old Lucy Flaud rejects courtship with her longtime Amish friend even as she forms an unlikely connection with a thoughtful young Englisher in search of a simpler way of life. Is it too late to embrace redemption . . . and the power of love?

My review:

Lucy Flaud is old by Amish standards. She is twenty-five already. When she doesn't know what to do with her life she decides to volunteer. She works very hard but always wants to do more. To her surprise her father becomes friends with an Englischer. But, Lucy has  a secret that she is hiding. Before she realizes it she has refused the courtship of her longtime Amish friend. What would he or her father's friend think if they knew her secret? No one could ever love or want her. I give this book a 4/5. I was given this book for a review and these are my opinions.

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