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KABANA WILD by Josie Jax Giveaway & Interview

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Tropical Duet #1
Josie Jax
Released March 1st, 2016
Loose ID

Three people...three depraved inferno of scandalous pleasures.

Movie star Mitch Wulfrum is tired of deflecting the gay rumors buzzing around him. It's time for drastic measures to suppress them once and for all--even if it means marriage in name only to the first trophy wife he can get his hands on. And beautiful sugar-cane princess Kiona 'Alohi fits right into his plan.

Kiona can't believe her luck when she's presented with Mitch's proposition. Her overbearing father is dangling her trust fund over her head as an enticement to dump her oh-so-sexy, but oh-so-unsuitable lover, Nakolo. A bogus marriage to Mitch will net her everything she wants--money and love, even if she can only have Kol on the sly.

What she doesn't expect are the sexual sparks that fly between her and Mitch, or, when Kol catches them together, the heat that flares between the two men. One scandalously pleasurable encounter after another fans the flames of attraction, until they begin to dream that all three of them could have everything they ever wanted--and more than they ever expected.

An intricate, fragile web of lies and deceit are all that keep their wanton secrets from erupting into the public eye. Trouble is, one scheming photographer named Anjelee has already clicked the shutter that could ruin all their lives.


Tropical Duet #2
Josie Jax
Released April 5th, 2016
Loose ID

Hiding in plain sight at a nude Caribbean resort with her best friend Keefer seems to be the perfect plan for paparazzi photographer Anjelee while she awaits the blackmail funds to hit her offshore account.

But her plans go awry when Jager tracks her to sultry Karibu Resort and threatens to extradite her back to the U.S. and see her imprisoned for her crime. As PR agent to a famous Hollywood celebrity who Anjelee has blackmailed, Jager's loyalties lie with his employer, movie star Mitch Wulfrum.

Or do they?

As soon as Jager steps foot onto the anything-goes island and sees the gorgeous Anjelee and handsome Keefer living it up in the buff, it's as if Jager's been drugged. Before he can get Anjelee in handcuffs and haul her back to jail where she belongs, Jager finds himself smoldering in the Jamaican heat and entangled in the couple's hedonistic web of lust.


Josie Jax is the new pseudonym for a USA Today bestselling author of erotic romances in various genres. She lives in the Midwest and dreams of becoming a crazy cat lady by rehabbing an old barn into a fancy mansion for stray cats and stranded kittens.

Please visit Josie’s website or feel free to email her at

 Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads 


What five words describe you best?  LOL, I had to ask my husband to help with this one. Minus the dirty answers, he immediately ticked off: persistent, focused, organized, introverted, and faithful. I don't get the focused and organized ones--I'm the biggest scatterbrain ever!
What's the last thing you cooked? Spinach-stuffed ravioli pasta with peppers, cheese, meat sauce and salad. But usually it's just a frozen pizza. ;)
Do you prefer to write in the morning, afternoon, evening, or whenever you can? I'm a night owl. I write best in the evening and into the early morning hours.
Where is your favorite place to write? On the deck listening to the wind and the wildlife.
I love choosing character names. How did you go about choosing yours? Lots of places! Movies, shows, online doing research, and from my very worn copy of Character Naming Sourcebook.
How do you feel about writing love scenes? In spite of having written over a hundred or more love scenes, it can still be challenging. But I usually know I'm on the right track if I start getting all hot and sweaty under the collar. :D
Do you have a writing in do you need music playing, a favorite beverage, or a candle burning? I usually write in silence or to the outdoor nature sounds. But now and then I listen to my iPod or iTunes in a very low volume. It has to be country music, though!
Care to tell us what you're working on now? I've had rights reverted to twenty-plus books (EC) and am revising them all. I plan to reissue them throughout 2016. Up next is my paranormal Robin Hood Lovers & Thieves series. The first three will be reissues, while the fourth in the series is new and will wrap up my sexy version of the infamous bandit.
The last movie I watched was __New In Town (for the 3rd time) with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr._______
I will never eat __octopus, alligator, squid, shrimp, snake, or anything that swims. *shivers*________
I can't imagine __life without my three kids.________
I don't believe that __life ends with death. Which is why I love writing paranormal books!_________
My toothbrush __is blue and white and has a suction cup on the tip so I can stand it up on the countertop.________
I recently learned __I will soon be embarking on a new adventure into a warmer climate. Yay!______

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