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His Wolf's Desire by Shannon Nydia Excerpt. Interview & Giveaway

His Wolf's Desire
Shannon Nydia

Genre: Contemporary, Multicultural,
Paranormal, Shifters

Publisher: Loose Id Publishing

Date of Publication: April 12, 2016

Cover artist: Syneca Featherstone

ISBN: 978-1-68252-093-2

Word count: 52,383
Page count (PDF): 189

Book Description:

Bradford Dalton and Jayla Stanton are both shifters. Each has their own reason for not wanting to be in a relationship with their own kind. Suddenly finding out that they are mates is a shock to both of them. There’s no way in hell these work enemies will ever be together.

Brad and Jayla are desperate to find a way to coexist with their shifter sides. They just have to contend with the fact they have sexual chemistry that is off the charts. Jayla can turn his body to steel with just a smoldering look. Brad can make Jayla quiver in anticipation with just one touch. You won’t hear either one of them complaining about succumbing to their insatiable need for the other. Sure they can have hot sex which knocks them on their ass, but that doesn’t mean they’ll ever fall for the other. Right?

Excerpt: Chapter One

Holding a stick of gum between his thumb and index finger, Brad vigorously tapped it against his thigh as if he were snuffing out a cigarette. Aware of his neurotic action, he shifted in his seat and braced his elbows on the conference table. He resisted the urge to pound his fists on it. With deliberate care he removed the gum from the wrapper. While his gaze darted back and forth, scanning the scene before him, he crinkled the thin scrap of shiny aluminum foil in his large hand. He squeezed until his forearm started to cramp, then popped the gum in his mouth and shoved the tiny piece of trash into his pocket.
Brad felt it would be best today to distance himself from his colleagues. Secluded inside the glass conference room, he found it easier to control his inner animal. He could feel the urge to shift coursing through his veins. He needed to stay calm.

About the Author:

Shannon Nydia grew up in a military family. Her father served in the U.S. Air Force and she was fortunate enough to be stationed all over the United States. Her love of travel and experiencing new places only encouraged her overactive imagination. Shannon is a self-described dreamer and hopeless romantic. She thoroughly enjoys getting swept up in a good story. Shannon loves reading, watching romantic movies and food… not necessarily in that order! She adores strong but feminine female characters and has a soft spot for hunky alpha males.
Shannon is a married mother of two, and loves spending time with her family.

She loves hearing from her readers!

Where are you from? I am a military brat and I was born in Honolulu Hawaii.
Tell us your latest news? My first novel His Wolf’s Desire was released on April 12th of this year. And I am so excited to be a published author.
When did you first consider yourself a writer? When my sister thought I was crazy for always having my nose in my computer and hearing the constant pecking noises coming from my keyboard. She asked me if I wanted to be an author and I initially laughed at the idea. But then later on I had an Ah-ha moment and realized what I thought was my weird little hobby (at that point I was writing for my own enjoyment) was the actions of an author.
Do you have a specific writing style? Yes. Chaos… lol. I jump from scene to scene, book to book, idea to idea. It’s crazy. But somehow works for me.
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? Not so much a message. I just hope that they’re able to enjoy the book for what it is… fantasy. Hopefully it’s a fun, sexy, sassy, sweet story you can get lost in and enjoy for a few hours. Just like a movie only it unfolds slower and has way more detail.
How much of the book is realistic? The relationships are realistic. For instance, Jayla and Jasmine’s close relationship was definitely influenced by the relationship I have with my sister. And the crazy family shenanigans were easily a representation of my own family life.
Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? Oh, I hope not. If they are I have some explaining to do lol. It’s purely my over active imagination and my love for the paranormal worlds I’m able to create.
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? Definitely Eve Vaughn. She has been so gracious with her time, encouragement and advice.
What book are you reading now? I’m reading Untouchable by Chelsea Brighton.
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? Oh absolutely. Roxanne D. Howard is the author of At The Heart Of The Stone and I absolutely love her writing style. And Chelsea Brighton, author of Guide Me and Untouchable. They have made a fan for life out of me.
What are your current projects? Ummm… Do you want to know about all 25 of them lol! My mind is crazy and is always jumping from one idea to another. But I’m trying very hard to focus on a paranormal series that I think is going to turn out fantastic.
What would you like my readers to know?
Well first of all thank you so much for interviewing me. I had a lot of fun answering your questions. And I’d like your readers to know I had so much fun writing His Wolf’s Desire. Brad and Jayla will always hold a special place in my heart and I love their story. Brad is one of the good guys, it just takes the love of a strong, feisty, spirited woman like Jayla for those qualities to be coaxed out of him.
Thank you for stopping by and reading my interview and checking out my book excerpt. I hope you enjoyed them both.

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