Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MINE For One Night By: Ju Ephraime Excerpt & Giveaway

By: Ju Ephraime
Releasing February 8, 2016
ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing


Lynn is in a quandary. Ever since she can remember, she’s had a thing for twins, not just any twins, identical twins. Now she is in a relationship with the most handsome set of identical twins, and she can’t stop her fantasy from running haywire. She loves one, but she wants both.

Nicholae and his brother have a great relationship. They never coveted each other’s property. If one had something, and the other wanted it, they shared whatever it was. But now Nate has something Nicholae wants, and he didn’t know how to ask to share; because something tells him, Nate won’t share this with him… his new girlfriend, Lynn.

Lynn has a need, and Nicholae has a want, and then there’s Nate in the middle, will he give in to his brother or will he put his foot down and deny him, this one time?...

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Author Info
Ju Ephraime is an eternal optimist and an insatiable reader/writer, especially of high heat romance. She writes in several genres; however, her favorite is contemporary romance. She loves reading historical romances, but doesn't know if she'd write one. (Take that back, she's since written one). She earned her last degree from NEU in Boston. She loves writing children’s books, for fun and relaxation. She finds it's easy to slip back into her childhood, where she takes the time to play.

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She’d thought he was Nate making love to her, and she foolishly closed her eyes, imagining it to be Nicholae. She’d wanted her greatest fantasy to come true. How was she to know it was coming true, just as she had imagined?

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