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Electromancer by Daco Excerpt, Interview & Giveaway


Genre: Romance, Fantasy,
Superhero, Paranormal, Thriller/Suspense

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Date of Publication: 2-1-16

ISBN 10: 1-4405-9687-5
ISBN 13: 978-1-4405-9687-2
eISBN 10: 1-4405-9688-3
eISBN 13: 978-1-4405-9688-9

Number of pages: 234
Word Count: 70,000

Cover design by Fred Machuca,
Illustration by Ricky Ostendi

Book Description:

With a heart as pure as platinum and electricity at her fingertips!

She soars like a falcon and travels at the speed of light!


When arch villain Momo threatens to destroy the world with The Big Zapper—a weapon of mass destruction the likes of which has never been seen before—it’s up to Alexa Manchester and her new electricity-harnessing superpowers to stop him.

With a little help from her sexy chauffeur, Sigfred Sawyer, and some exciting encounters with the mysterious and handsome Blue Arrow, soon Alexa’s love life is charged up, too. And to defeat the seemingly invincible Momo, it might just take the naturally super power of love to save the day.

Offering all the Kabam! Pow! Zap! of beloved comic book sagas with the beating heart of a love story, this over-the-top, genre-blending send-up is sure to delight superhero fans and romance readers alike.

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Readers of both comic book sagas and romance novels will find the sparks that fly between Alexa and Sigfred very electrifying indeed.
 ~ Colleen Sargent Library Journal

Excerpt from Chapter 6

Sigfred couldn’t be sure whether the mayor’s proposal pleased or displeased her, but it wasn’t his place to ask. He could do one thing—help her get that blasted ring off her finger. He went to the pantry and retrieved a bottle of olive oil—cold pressed extra virgin, of course, because this was Yurdlemon’s kitchen.
“Let me help you get that off,” he said.
“No, I’ll do it myself.” She paused suddenly, staring at the big green stone as if transfixed. “Maybe I’m not sure I want it off.” She shook her head. “But I do, I do. Oh, I don’t know what I want.” She sighed. “Wait! Yes, I do. I want to talk about last night.”
“Of course, if you wish.” He waited for her to speak, but she seemed stumped.
Then she said, “What did you think about last night?”
He cleared his throat and said, “Yes, right. It was quite—”
“Sigfred!” She slapped her hands down on the sink and looked back at him. “It was nothing like quite, it was more like Oh-My-God in the highest order. No offense.”
“Yes, quite.”
“Don’t keep saying quite! You could say yes, shocking or even jiminy crickets or holy ‘expletive omitted,’ but there was nothing quite about last night. I mean you were there, you saw everything.”
He couldn’t think of an appropriate response—at least, not one that he could articulate to his employer.
“Am I right, you did see everything?” she asked.
“Yes,” he said. “It was unintentional, of course, Ms. Manchester. I found you lying on the floor next to The Magpie.”

About the Author:

Daco is an award-winning author of the espionage-thriller series featuring CIA operative Jordan Jakes. Her debut novel, The Libra Affair, was a 2013 #1 best seller. Of The Libra Affair, Publishers Weekly said, “The keenly sharp intelligent female characters soar in this edge-of-your-seat adventure...”

Her short story The Pisces Affair was a 2015 Global Ebook Awards double gold medalist (Best Thriller Fiction and Best Science Fiction), a 2015 Shelf Unbound Notable 100, a 2015 Royal Palm Literary Award winner, and a Publishers Weekly “PW Pick”.” In its review of The Pisces Affair, Publishers Weekly wrote, “Jakes is a lively and witty narrator with the wits and skills of James Bond, and readers will savor her fresh perspective on being a woman in the male-dominated spy world.”

Her story The Virgo Affair is part of Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded (Diversion Press, October 2015), an anthology, including numerous best-selling authors.

Electromancer (F+W Media, Inc./Crimson Romance, February 2016), is her first superhero novel, featuring Electromancer and Blue Arrow.

Upcoming works include The Scorpio Affair, a Jordan Jakes novel, and The Ophiuchus Affair, another Jordan Jakes short story.

Daco holds a B.A. and M.A.S. from The University of Alabama in Huntsville and a J.D. from the Cumberland School of Law. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, Authors Guild, Alabama Writers Forum, Florida Writers, and Alabama State Bar.

 What’s the Skinny on Biggie Bitterman…Biggest Rat in Town?

Exclusive to the Kensington City Examiner

Trying to make heads and tails out of these superheroes buzzing around Kensington City are giving me the feeling that I’m nothing more than a rerun Remy McSwain from The Big Easy. What was supposed to be a straightforward assignment—discovering the mysteries of Electromancer, but has turned into a puzzle fraught with missing edges and a series of wrong turns. No one is saying much, every question I ask seems to be answered with a form of diversion. I’ve heard of folks not wanting to speak with the press, but when I offer my sources anonymity, shouldn’t that be enough to get the straight scoop. The editor-in-chief of the Examiner suggested that I go on a ride-along with Chief Constable Pete Petaud to get a fresh take on matters and whether this whole assignment is just variegated with fraud. I may have stumbled across a lead when Petaud put the blues lights on and stopped Danny DeVito’s twin brother, well, someone who sure could have passed for him.
DA:     Aren’t you the least bit bothered by a bunch of superheroes flying around your town, righting wrongs? Taking the law into their own hands? And on whose authority, by the way?
PP:       Some jobs need the extra help. Every heard of Red Web?
DA:     Can’t say that I have. What is it?
PP:       I’m not at liberty to talk about it. More like, I’m not a scientist who can explain its properties. I’d suggest you do a little more digging on that score. [Petaud reached for the siren and flipped it on.] Hang on.
DA:     Why are we stopping this car?
PP:       He crossed the middle line one too many times. And I’ve had my eye on this character for some days now. I think he may be behind more trouble.
[The turquoise and white sedan pulled off the road and came to a stop. A short man, maybe 4 foot tall exited the vehicle.]
DA:     He doesn’t look intoxicated to me.
PP:       Maybe not, but it’s time to shake out some facts with the man.
DA:     Wait a minute. Is that a gun protruding from his person, down his leg? Holstered?
[Petaud was already out of the car, his hand on his own gun. I followed.]
PP:       You been drinking down at the bowling alley, Mr. Bitterman?
BB:      Ah, now, Chief Pete, I’m not the type.
PP:       You crossed the center line one too many times. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to run you in.

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