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The Morgenstern Project by David Khara Giveaway, Excerpt & Review

Author David Khara

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The Morgenstern Project

The Morgenstern Project

(thriller) (translated by Sophie Weiner) Release date: April 9, 2015 at Le French Book 260 pages ISBN: 978-1939474353 Website | Goodreads ***


Past and present collide. When you kill a legend, it becomes inspiration, and you can’t kill inspiration. Jeremy Corbin and Jacqueline Walls lead a calm life in a New Jersey suburb, when one day everything changes. Eytan Morgenstern returns to save them, and this improbably team must take on the Consortium, leading them on an epic journey from London to Tel-Aviv, from the Polish forests to Manhattan high-rises, from the shameful past to the threatening future. After a lifetime of bringing Nazi war criminals to justice, the Mossad operative is once again fighting those who wish to study his superhuman body. The self-sacrificing secret agent must rely on the help of his friends to finally free himself of the physical and emotional scars of his past.

Excerpt CHAPTER 1


Bundled in the thick gray coat swiped from an SS guard, the boy felt neither the wounds inflicted during months of abuse, nor the bitter cold of the Polish winter. The raw night air that filled his lungs as he raced on gave him unspeakable joy and fueled his drive to escape his torturers.
He wasn’t feeling tired. His gait, in fact, was growing stronger and faster as he gained distance from that monstrous place. Eytan paced himself to the sound of his steady breathing. In his mind, he replayed the events that had led to his escape. Eytan saw himself seizing the gun that the guard had shoved in his face and firing the bullet into the man’s forehead with cold accuracy. He had then taken aim at the gas container he had seen on his many trips to the lab and pulled the trigger. The German soldiers had panicked. Eytan would never forget the furious look on Bleiberg’s face. Bleiberg, the scientist who had enslaved him and forced him to endure dozens, maybe hundreds, of injections and brutal tests.
Of all the kids subjected to this very same treatment, he alone had survived. Why had the experiments killed all the others but made him faster, more agile, and stronger? Each time the guards carried away the wasted body of another child, his guilt grew. But over time, anger replaced the anguish.
Now his rage was as icy as this December night.
It would keep him alive no matter what, and he would use it to strike down those responsible for all the suffering.

~ ~ ~


The solitary traveler was struggling to make his way through the forest. With each step, his muscular legs sank deeper into the thick blanket of snow. The cruel and relentless gusts of wind refused to let up for even a second. Snowflakes collected on his face, and the cold stung his cheeks. Again and again, he had to wipe his protective goggles dry. He readjusted his hood, tightened the straps of his backpack, and looked at the compass clenched in his gloved hand to make sure he was still heading south. Despite the violent elements unleashed on him, Eytan stayed the course.
The wind rushed past his ears, and he swore it carried the voices of long-lost friends. Vassili, the silent Siberian titan. Karol, the scrawny teacher from Krakow. And of course, the charismatic Janusz, with his sandy-colored beard. Eytan even thought he saw them emerging from behind the trees, guns in hand and their faces worn down by sorrow and combat.
Eytan stopped and leaned against a tree. A lump was rising in his throat.
“I miss you guys,” he told his visions.
He took a deep breath and gathered himself. This was no time to reminisce. Mental weakness was out of the question. He had to keep going, no matter the cost.

The lives of loved ones depended on it.


Shiro project David Khara

French author David Khara, a former journalist, top-level sportsman, and entrepreneur, is a full-time writer. Khara wrote his first novel—a vampire thriller—in 2010, before starting his Consortium thriller series. The first thriller in the series, The Bleiberg Project, was an instant success in France, catapulting Khara into the ranks of the country’s top thriller writers.
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Sophie Weiner is a freelance translator and book publishing assistant from Baltimore, Maryland. After earning degrees in French from Bucknell University and New York University, Sophie went on to complete a master’s in literary translation from the Sorbonne, where she focused her thesis on translating wordplay in works by Oulipo authors. She has translated and written for web-based companies dedicated to art, cinema, and fashion as well as for nonprofit organizations. Growing up with Babar, Madeline, and The Little Prince, Sophie was bitten by the Francophile bug at an early age, and is fortunate enough to have lived in Paris, Lille, and the Loire Valley.
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My Review:
This is a fast paced thriller that kept me reading. Hitler was a bad man. How could his two proteges be any better? We soon find out that these sworn enemies have to work together and fast. I would have liked to read the other books in this series and gotten more background. However I did find that this book had enough surprises and close calls on its own. I can not wait to read more from this series. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.


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