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The Magic Snow Globes by Susie Taylor Personalized book review from Your Novel and Excerpt

About Us Inc. is the brainchild of husband/wife writing team Kathy M. Newbern and J.S. Fletcher, who write together as Fletcher Newbern. They not only developed the concept and founded the company in 1992, but also have written 20 of the current novels available.
When not writing romance, they work as travel writers, have set foot on every continent, and have visited many of the exotic locations that are the settings for their personalized romance novels.
These authors wrote the other books:
Ten contest winners who wrote "Celebrating Romance," ten short stories selected to celebrate's 10th anniversary.
Ten contest winners who wrote "Celebrating Romance 2," ten short stories selected to celebrate's 20th anniversary.
Marcy Thomas, one of the contest winners, who wrote "Treasure Seekers," "Heart of the Keys," "Rome: Diamonds, Danger and Desire," "Season's Greeting, Season's Love," and two of the four novellas in "Shore Thing II."
Gail Gibbs wrote "Vampire Saga: A Trio of Tales," which is comprised of her three novella eBooks "Vampire Rhapsody," "Fresh Blood, " and "Blood Starved. " Gail also wrote “Red Moon Waltz."
Jennifer Price who wrote "High Seas Romance."
Geno Vincenzo who wrote "Missed Tryst" and "A Reunion to Die For."
Susie Taylor who wrote "The Magic Snow Globes."
Madhavi Krevat who wrote "A Ren Faire to Remember."
Additional eBook authors complete the line-up, and we are in the market for additional writers. You can request a copy of our Guidelines for Submission by emailing us.
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As to how started, it's a great story that dates back to 1992:
Newbern: "I was on a panel at a public relations conference and the ice-breaker question was: 'What would people be surprised to find out about you?' I answered that I had written a yet-to-be published romance novel, which got an appropriate response. Fletcher, then my boyfriend, had driven to the conference with me, and at lunch, one of the women, a friend, at the table said, 'Wouldn't it be great to read about yourself in one of those romance novels?' Well, we all laughed and kidded around about it. Then, on the four-hour drive home, Fletcher and I looked at each other, and the proverbial light bulb went off. We said, 'You know, we could do that!' and actually started outlining our first book, 'Another Day in Paradise,' on the back of a manila folder on the drive. We started writing it the next day."
Fletcher: "We acted on a great idea, and today are going strong. We firmly believe that the only way to get something done is to do it."
Newbern: "We did not want to look back at some point and say, 'You know, if we had just done that personalized romance novel thing...' " a registered trademark. a registered trademark.
The Magic Snow Globes by Susie Taylor 
is a personalized story about a very special Christmas gift, one that is priceless, timeless, selfless. The hero of our starring couple finds it unexpectedly. Actually, nearly everything about his finding it is unexpected. He hopes his lover will agree that it is special, even if it requires suspending disbelief and just going with the moment.
    She does, and the result is a wondrous, amazing journey through layers of reality and fantasy that teach them about life and each other while entertaining them with moments of delving into the unknown and carrying them through heights of passion that overwhelm them and take their breath away.
    This is really a sexy tale set around snippets of holiday scenes that brings with it a witty, charming sense of what a loving relationship is really about. It is a special gift you will enjoy giving and reading.

The cover shown is what it looks like with a photo added inside the globe.

MILD excerpt
All excerpts in this column are done in the "MILD" version. Examples of personalization are in pink, such as man's and woman's names, cologne, eye color, etc.

This scene takes place in the ice castle snow globe when John leads Ann to a hidden bed he has spied:

    “…I noticed it right away. And you look even more beautiful lying here than I had imagined.” John reached down and ran the back of his hand down her cheek. He leaned over, kissed her and joined her on the duvet. “It’s really something, isn’t it?” he asked, rolling onto his back and looking up.
     “It’s like a dream.” 
     “It is hard to believe, but I say let’s enjoy it. Let’s forget about everything except us.” 
     “Forget about Jodee, aboutKaufmann’s Department Store, aboutYorkville, about all the little things that pile up and complicate life?”
     “Exactly,” John agreed. “Let’s leave all that behind, and Wheeling Steel andFrankie and trying to make ends meet and worrying about what might happen. We have such a great life together.” He rolled over to be closer to her. 
     “We really do have a great life. Honestly, the 20 years I’ve spent with you has been the best time of my life.” 
     “I feel the same way, and you know what?” he asked but did not wait for her to answer, adding, “it’s only going to get better. I say let’s use this magical time as a gift, from me to you, and from you to me because I can share it with you.”
     Ann wiggled onto her side and wrapped her arm around his back, pulling him closer. “It is a gift.” She kissed. “Poor, Baby,” she said. “You have been so very patient.”
     “You know you make me hot.” 
     “We have to take care of you now. I’m going to give you a gift.” 
     John sighed. He knew that Ann knew how to make him feel good. He decided to just let her take control, something he really liked.

My Review:
This is a great read for February. As I read this book I looked outside and it was a snow storm. I felt as though I could go outside and be in a real life snow globe. I love that these books are personalized and you can choose if you want a wild or mild version. This was the perfect Valentine's day gift to my hubby. He loved that his car was in it! I answered a questionnaire about hair and eye color, nicknames, and even our favorite perfume/cologne. There was also a spot for a dedication. I love being able to personalize gifts, because they are made for a certain person, from the heart. I got an ebook version, printed it out and have it like a regular book. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own. Check out the website here: I think that there is still time to order for Happy Heart Day!

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