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Tallent and Lowery Series by Amy Lignor Giveaway

Get to know Tallent and Lowery, their journey, 
and the author that is writing their story!

The Hero's Companion

Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery have seen it all, utilizing everything they have to survive. But now, Leah’s father has gone missing and they have only seven days before he’ll be killed. The only clue to follow is a picture of one of the most famous icons of all time, and a strange map hidden in her father’s desk. This new mystery will take them from the pinnacle of the Acropolis to the depths of Cleopatra’s caves in order to unmask the man who has a score to settle.

In a location that’s been buried under rock for centuries the battle will begin, and the team will have to face the one foe that will expose secrets and unleash unheard of power in order to get what he wants. ‘The Hero’s Companion’—the one woman who will do anything to make sure the right side wins, will fight the good fight; but without Gareth, her time may just run out.

The Sapphire Storm (Tallent & Lowery, #2)
The Sapphire Storm

After going up against a man who believed he was the Devil, himself, the beloved characters of Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery are exhausted. But a terrifying journey awaits…

When Leah arrives home her sarcasm burns even brighter, but a frightening call from Gareth’s sister changes the course of their holiday event. A new puzzle from the past has come to life, and involves a world of liars, killers and greed.

The heart-stopping suspense takes them from Coptic Cairo to the magical world of Petra in search of a cave that once housed a true ‘Illuminator’. They must find the answers to one of the biggest mysteries while staying one step ahead of villains who are determined to make sure that, this time, Tallent & Lowery do not survive.

There are two choices for Book I of the Tallent & Lowery adventure series to be released by Suspense Publishing on December 1st! Here's the 'Vibrant' choice!13

In 1902, thirteen people came together to continue a tradition that’d been set in stone thousands of years before.

In 2012, Leah Tallent, Head of Research at the New York Public Library, is about to unearth the secrets left behind by this crew by joining a crazy man on a fanatical quest. Gareth Lowery has spent his life searching for the ultimate artifact; twelve keys hidden by men whose job it was to protect the single biggest secret ever kept.

The fantastic duo is soon immersed in a whirlwind treasure hunt with historical and passionate repercussions. From the eerie Winchester House to the darkness of Loch Ness, they quickly learn that the theory of duality is correct: For every bad there is a good and, for Heaven, there most assuredly exists...Hell.

Tallent & Lowery Book #4: The Charlatan’s Crown

From defeating the worst of mankind to solving puzzles that have eluded others for centuries, Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery must now follow a new trail to stop a madman from resurrecting a mighty Reich.

Although dead men supposedly tell no tales, the duo continue to follow clues left behind by true powerbrokers from Hell, and now they stand on the precipice of an infamous castle used by those who thrived on hate and terror.

Fighting for their lives from deep inside a labyrinth, they’ll stand atop a stage where an angel of death spoke to the masses, and climb to an ‘Eagle’s Nest’ to come face-to-face with a new enigma; a master puppeteer who’s pulling the strings on a monumental scheme they never saw coming.

Excerpt from 13

Leah began, “Aleister Crowley bought this house in 1899, and stayed here on and off until 1913. He told his followers that he was working on a ceremony that would bring forth an army to do his bidding.”
Leah shrugged. “Never happened. Crowley admitted that the ceremony was never completed, but that demonic entities were released during his attempt and had become trapped inside the house.”
“Sounds like a silly ghost story,” Gareth snorted.
“Could’ve been,” she agreed. “When Crowley left this consecrated ground, he took up the Ouija board. He started telling his followers about the conversations he was having with the Holy Guardian Angel. Knowing what we know now, I think the job was simply getting to him.” She smiled. “He loved publicity, and I think keeping all this secret was starting to get boring. I’m sure he didn’t want to live day in and day out with the orb; it would be a constant reminder of what he knew he could never reveal.”
“You still think the orb’s in here?” asked Gareth.
“Nowhere else makes sense.”
Walking around the small kitchen, Leah stared into the adjoining, empty rooms. At the far north end of the house, she spotted a small door with a tiny window that looked out across the rocky terrain of the backyard. Moving closer, she felt the eerie pressure begin deep inside her body. Her hands tingled as she reached out and twisted the knob.
The wind barreled in, knocking her back into Gareth’s sturdy frame. Lowering her head, she stepped out on to the stone terrace.
Gareth’s boots scratched against the strange substance that covered the ground. He screamed, trying to be heard above the howling winds, “There must be a caretaker. Looks like someone’s put salt down to break up the ice.”
Leah bent down and grabbed a handful of the strange gravel. Her stomach clenched. The fine, powdery sand flowed through her fingers like the soft grains in an hourglass. She shook her head; the strong wind blew her curls around her face. “This was Crowley’s starting point. From here, he would lead his followers to the ceremony.
“I read about this.” She raised her voice above the thundering winds. “The gravel is actually sand. Crowley’s procession was supposed to be symbolic, like Mary and Joseph crossing the desert to the Holy Land to bring about the birth of the King.”
She raised her head and stared through the sudden blinding snow. “See that?”
Gareth squinted. “Garage?”
“Cottage…Crowley’s temple. That’s where he tried to bring about the birth of his king.”
Leah forced her legs to move. She stared at the hard, white snowflakes that looked like miniature ghosts raining down on her from above. Unlike the billowy snow of the perfect English evening, the flakes on this mountain were like shards of ice. They sliced at her cheeks like finely-honed knives as she made her way to the small, white cottage.
Gareth reached out for the knob and stepped over the threshold of the small house.
A black sign hung from the side of the decrepit building. Leah pointed up at it. “He called it, The Gate.” Sending up a prayer to her newfound friend, Leah hoped that whatever was born here a hundred years ago had already left home.

Amy Lignor began her career in publishing as the Editor-in-Chief of Grey House Publishing in New England. Working in the publishing industry for decades, she is now the Owner/Operator of The Write Companion which offers full editing, ghostwriting and proofreading services.

Not only is Amy a bestselling author, she has been inducted into the ITW – International Thriller Writers Org. and is a writer/contributor for many companies, including: Authorlink; Humor Outcasts; The Feathered Quill; Bookpleasures; Suspense Magazine, as well as a variety of literary periodicals. She has been the head writer for Be First, Inc., and has just become the Editor-in-Chief of a new imprint: Hallowed Ink Press

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3 Winners - eCopy of The Hero's Companion
1 Winner - eCopy of the new release, The Charlatan's Crown, when it comes available!!

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