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Triskele Giveaway week and interview


A Week of Interviews and Giveaways!

November 16 - 22 Preview

16 – Literally Jen - Wolfsangel by Liza Perrat

17 – Beck Valley Books - Ghost Town by Catriona Troth

18 – Deal Sharing Aunt - Overlord, The Rise of Zenobia by JD Smith

19 – The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl - The Boxset from Gillian Hamer


20 – Brooke Blogs - Boxset by JJ Marsh


21 – Colorimetry - Triskele Trail

22 – Grand Finale

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Catriona Troth interviews JD Smith  

WHO is Zenobia?
Zenobia is a third century Syrian Queen. She was married to King Odenathus, a client king in Palmyra. Rome was under threat from invasion, as well as suffering financial crisis and plague. Zenobia took the advantage and not only broke from Rome, but began to carve her own empire. Little documentation is known about the life and times of Zenobia, but it is well known that her rebellion was one of the most threatening, yet untold, ever made against the Empire.

WHY did you choose to tell her story through the eyes of Zabdas and Samira, rather than Zenobia’s own?
I always think it’s more interesting to tell the story through the eyes of another. Someone who is there, who is important, but who also has their own story, which is why I’ve included Samira, his granddaughter’s, narrative, which brings us into ‘his’ present day, when he is retelling his story.

WHEN did you first become interested in writing Historical Fiction?
Always. I’ve always been fascinated by the times and splendour, the costume, the sense of righteousness and period charm which accompanies it.

WHAT are the greatest challenges of writing a historical novel set in the ancient past?
Mostly the research, because although I’m interested in it and the times, there is an awful lot of tedious research to be done when writing HF. And the worst is that you end up doing about 80% more research than you actually need to do, purely to find the gems that will eventually be included in the book.

HOW do go you about creating a sense of place when you cannot return to WHERE a book is set?
Oh, that is hard, yes. Obviously visiting the likes of Syria and Tripolis these days is pretty impossible. It wasn’t quite so much when I first began research Zenobia but it’s not exactly an easy place to get to, nor one you can take a family vacation in. I read some about the place, and of course you can check on the internet for current climates, view images and aerial maps, that kind of thing, which give you an idea of what it would be like. One of the best ways I’ve found is watching films and dramas set in the country, in the location.  

You’ve written about the Ancient World and the Celtic World. WHICH period of history would you like to tackle next?
Tricky one. I don’t know, to be honest. I’ve seen so many gems these past couple of years that I’m not sure. A little known tale, I think. Perhaps returning to Britain. My roots are here, I think I’d like to come home.

HOW do you balance writing with the demands of running a successful design business, editing the literary e-zine, Words with Jam, and looking after a young family?
Right now, not very well. Ordinarily I find it relatively easy. I juggle well. The whole point of working from home with my main business, graphic design, was to be able to be flexible, which works very well. At the moment life is a little hectic with illness and house moves, but hopefully things will settle back to normal again soon. More time for indulging in writing.


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Wolfsangel by Liza Perrat
Ghost Town by Catriona Troth
Overlord, The Rise of Zenobia by JD Smith

1 Signed Paperback of any one book out of each series, 
1 eBook Boxset of each, 
1 eBook of each book in both series...

The Charter, Closure, Complicit by Gillian Hamer
Behind Closed Doors, Raw Material, Tread Softly by JJ Marsh

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