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In 2015 In the Land of Magnanthia won the Independent Publisher Book Awards for Best Sci-fi/Fantasy eBook. Thousands of authors and publishers in all 50 U.S. states, eight Canadian provinces, and 34 countries submitted books in the IP Book Awards that year.
When a portal to another world cracks open just outside a small town in Minnesota, it sets off a series of events forever changing the lives of two boys. Simon is set on the path to save the world, while Jak is on a path to tear it apart.
In the Land of Magnanthia is a teen & young adult fantasy adventure that takes you on a magical journey into the beautiful land of Magnanthia, the home to fantasy creatures of all kinds, spell-casting wizards and warlocks, and the ultimate war between good and evil. Follow two teenagers as they go up against the hardships with coming of age, struggle to find redemption, and fight to discover a way off the roadway of eternal death and onto the pathway to everlasting life!
What pathway are YOU on?
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About The Author:
B.R.Maul is an award-winning author. His debut novel In the Land of Magnanthia (book #1 in his Portals, Passages & Pathways series) won the bronze award for Best Sci-fi/Fantasy eBook in the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards held in New York City. This is an international award recognizing independent authors and publishers around the world for their outstanding work.
My Review:
This is a great read for kids and I found it a fun read. It is only book one, and has a lot of world building. It was interesting to read about wizards, guardians, etc. It is a rather long book for young readers, at 470 pages. I definitely think that this could have been broken up into smaller parts, or that some descriptions could have been left out. The end is weird, and I wish I knew what was behind that passageway. The plot reminded me of The Lord of The Rings. As a kids book this is great, even with it's length. However I have to give it a 3/5. Nothing really stood out to me. I was given a copy. All opinions are my own. 

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