Sunday, June 17, 2018

Story Land Trip 2018

Ever since I was little my parents took me to Story Land! There are some things that I will never forget doing, like touching the North Pole, or visiting the Storybook animals and the Storybook Houses. Now I get to go with my niece and nephew and I get to share my memories and make new ones with them. 

There are always Characters around to take pictures. This year we saw Tinkerbell, Daniel Tiger, Katerina, Little Red Riding Hood, Mother Goose, The Woman in the Shoe, and Peter Pan. They take their time and talk to the kids too.

This year the kids were taller so we went on more rides. My Brother in law loves fish, so of course they had to go on this ride. They got to move the head of the fish.

This is the kiddos getting ready for the Turtle Twirl to start!

 There is also a water park, and splash pad. This was right before they got soaked!

This is a yearly tradition to take the raft ride. I took the raft ride with my parents when I was younger. 

There are great photo ops as well. There is a bench when you first come in, and an over sized chair in The Little Dreamer's Play Area. They are all dated and great for family photos. You can also get professional pictures of yourselves from some of the rides. This year my hubby got a picture of himself on the Bamboo Chutes as a key chain for our collection. 

These are the three little pigs from the Storybook!

Dunkin' Donuts!!!!! I do not need to say more! 

This is a tradition with my Godchild. She drives me, and I get scared. This year I got car insurance! 

 Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan!

Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Day!

It’s a beautiful day in Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood and you’re invited to be a part of the fun! Join Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kittycat for a show full of make believe & good feelings as we learn how to share, try new things, & use our imaginations. After every show, meet Daniel & Katerina for pictures and hugs!

It was amazing to see the kid's reactions to seeing their favorite characters in real life!

It kept me entertained as well as the kiddos.

It was also interactive, and taught the kids to try new things and not be afraid.

We had a great time and love to go. Every time we see something new. We did so many things that are not mentioned here, the Carousel, Got their Driver's License, The Bamboo Chutes, The Crazy Barn, and the Splash Battle. Which this year I stayed outside, and it was four against one! I got SOAKED! ha! Their aim is getting better! I would like to thank Story Land for the tickets for this wonderful opportunity! 

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Have a great summer!

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