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The Soldier's Homecoming By Patricia Potter Guest Post, Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

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The Soldier's Homecoming
By Patricia Potter

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Launch - Note from the Author

Welcome to the world of Covenant Falls. I'm so pleased you're visiting us. I'm excited to introduce you to the newest residents: Army Major Travis Hammond and War Correspondent Jenny Talbot.

Come take a tour through the southwest with them as they joust and fall in love.

— Patricia

When I start a book, I spend weeks thinking about the hero and heroine before even considering a plot. When they become real to me, they write the book themselves. They do things I never considered.

Although I love strong heroines, the hero is usually the catalyst in my stories, especially in a series like Covenant Falls which is based on the return of veterans to civilian life in a small welcoming town in Colorado. But Jenny would have none of that. She truly marches to her own drummer and has since she was a child.

Simply Kelina - Review

"I have been loving stories around our military, so this caught my interest right away. I love how this deals with both Travis and Jenny being in the military. I loved hearing about the town who helps the returning veterans. I really enjoyed the writing style and how easily the story flowed... if you love military romances, I recommend going and checking out this series."

Jenny Talbot knew she was in trouble the moment she heard the sound of approaching aircraft.

The sound grew thunderous as four planes appeared in the sky over Aleppo, leaving a trail of explosions in their wake. They were heading straight at her.

A cease-fire was supposed to have been declared while volunteer medical personnel tended the wounded in one of the few remaining make-shift hospitals in the doomed Syrian city.

The volunteer doctors and nurses, who had just arrived in a marked medical convoy, scattered, seeking cover...

Colorimetry - Guest Post

The magic of Covenant Falls continues to fascinate me. I created the small Colorado town for one book, but loved the town and its citizens it so much I couldn't help lingering. I have since sent five veterans -- four men and one woman -- to the town and plan to send two more there.

Its creation took weeks and I loved every minute. I couldn't use a real town for fear of insulting someone. Instead, I called small towns all over the west to gather information on their governing body, size of population, police and fire departments, variety of businesses and services. I searched maps as to the best location to place it, then double checked to insure the name was not used anywhere else...

"This is a great story about how you can come home again. However home is where the heart is... This was a great read and I enjoyed finding out where these characters ended up. I am giving this book a 5/5."

Walter Reed Hospital Rehabilitation Unit

Life will never by the same.

Major Travis Hammond leaned on his crutches and watched a young corporal take halting steps on a new prosthesis that substituted for a right leg. Danny Ware's face was contorted with determination as he tried to walk without hanging onto the bars.

In the months they'd shared these rehab facilities, along with other wounded soldiers, Travis had grown fond of Danny. Maybe because of the kid's unfailing optimism despite getting a really bad deal. He reminded Travis of his brother.

Nothing had turn out as Major Travis Hammond expected.

The son of a small barely-surviving Midwest farmer, he rebelled from day one against his father's plan that he stay on the farm and take it over some day.

He hates farming and what it had done to his mother. He blames his father for her premature death, and has no intention of staying one minute more than necessary. He knows his one way out is sports and does his chores before dawn in order to play baseball and earn a sports scholarship to college.

He does exactly that, leaving the farm, his father and his younger brother behind.

A little girl running. Blood everywhere. Spreading like a river. Edging nearer and nearer.
Panicked, Jenny woke, soaked in her own sweat. The jerk in her body as she woke renewed intense pain in her shoulder. Disoriented, she looked around, trying to control the trembling. The night-light, now necessary for sleep, was just strong enough to reveal the shadowed bedroom rather than the rubble of a once prosperous city.

Had she screamed again? She hoped not.

Her brief prayer was not answered. She heard a tentative knock on the door, and her mother inched the door open and entered the room. Her hair was in disarray, her robe partly open, her face slathered with some kind of dream.

"Jennifer?" Her mother's voice was loud, and jenny smelled alcohol on her breath as she leaned over. "Another nightmare?"

Jenny struggled to sit upright. Even after four months, the pain in her shoulder could stop her cold.

"I enjoyed the story. It helps me feel that it is okay to go home again. You know when you get so far gone you wonder if you are ever welcome to go back."

E-Romance News - Excerpt

"You have to be kidding?" Travis exclaimed.

"Afraid not," Josh Manning said over the phone.

Three weeks after Travis's first trip to Covenant Falls, he'd moved into Josh's cabin.

"A reporter called my wife, as well as the manager of the inn," she'd heard about Covenant Falls and the veterans here. Even that there might be a horse therapy program. She wants to do a story."

"A reporter?"

Wishful Endings - Guest Post

Readers often ask where I get the ideas for stories.

Mine have usually developed from something I read in the newspapers. The Covenant Falls series developed from an article in the New York Times about military canines developing Post Traumatic Stress System just as soldiers do.

All the creative bells in me started ringing madly as I read. There was a story in there. I knew it immediately...

"The characters were refreshing and nor were they portrayed as perfect people but as people who are trying to make the most of their circumstances. I like that the story focuses on a therapy that is both beneficial for the animals and humans and they can work together in harmony to help and rely on each other... It was a good read and I would definitely read other books by the author."

Jenny turned to him and put her hand on his arm. "I've seen larger falls, far more powerful ones, but this is so . . . untouched. And the rainbow - is it always there?

"Josh says it is, as long as the sun is shining."

"I can't believe I haven't heard of it before since I live in Denver. It's almost . . . mystic."

Mystic? He didn't believe in that stuff, and yet it'd helped change the lives of three hardened warriors and one war experienced army nurse.

SilverWoodSketches - Guest Post

When I started my first Covenants Falls book, I envisioned two books. I had no idea it would grow into a third, then a fourth, and a fifth, "The Soldier's Homecoming," now available in both e-book and large print paperbacks. The fifth and sixth are on the schedule in a special Summer Harlequin western series rather than SuperRomance. I hope you will look for it.

My heart just couldn't let the town and characters go. Apparently readers couldn't either, because they've stayed with the series and I'm ever so grateful. They have grown to know the town and its incoming veterans as well as I do...

"An emotionally riveting read! Two lost souls find a friend to believe in as they each recover from their own traumas and find their way into each other’s hearts. The story was very easy to get hooked into and the characters felt real... Great series!"

His chest, upper arms and left leg were riddled with scars. But what she really saw was the pain he must have endured.

She looked up at him and smiled. "You're beautiful," she said.

The words escaped her before she could reclaim them. But, to her, he was. The scars on the lean, muscular body were hard earned. Badges of honor and courage.

And he really was a fine specimen of manhood.

Travis stared at her in astonishment.

The towel started to fall. He grabbed it around his middle. Heat clawed up his neck.

To his surprise, Jenny grinned, her eyes full of mischief. "I haven't seen you speechless before," she said, then added politely. "May I come in?"'

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The Soldier's Homecoming
(Home to Covenant Falls #5)
by Patricia Potter
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
April 1st 2018 by Harlequin Superromance

He’s looking for roots. She won’t be tied down.

Army ranger Travis Hammond needs to heal physical and emotional wounds. A job in Covenant Falls checking out equine therapy programs for veterans is a start, but it’s only temporary. And he doesn’t need a partner, especially some reporter with the persistence of a terrier and irresistible green eyes. Like Travis, Jenny Talbot’s just passing through town. Unlike Travis, Jenny knows exactly where she’s going next—back to the Middle East, as soon as she recovers from her own war injury. But there’s a bend in the road for both of them.

Other Books in the Series

About the Author

Patricia Potter is the USA Today Bestselling Author of more than fifty books. She has received numerous writing awards, including RT Storyteller of the Year, its Career Achievement Award for Western Historical Romance and its Best Hero of the Year Award. She is a seven-time RITA finalist and three-time Maggie Award winner. She has served as president of Romance Writers of America. The Soldier's Homecoming is her fifteenth book for Harlequin.

Prior to writing fiction, she was a reporter for the Atlanta Journal and president of a public relations firm.

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